“Shot Clock Harms Players” “Arm Wear From Overuse Starting At Age 9” – MLB Twitter Postulates Theories About The League’s Reported Increase In The Number Of Early-Season Injuries

When MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced a series of new changes heading into the 2023 season, fans were understandably concerned about how the measures would affect the game.

The new rules include restrictions on defensive changes, larger point guard sizes and, of course, the new shot clock. All these measures were implemented with the aim of shortening games and stimulating offensive production.

While the full-scale ramifications of the new rules remain to be seen, they have been met with mixed reactions from players. The most controversial rule is the shot clock, which has caused many players and pitchers to reshuffle their ropes and positions.

In a recent Twitter post, MLB analyst Jeff Passan shared that early-season injuries are up this year. Passan cited numbers from The Athletic that support claims that 68% of the IL’s 236 designations this season have been pitchers, an increase from 60% from recent seasons.

Early season injuries in MLB have skyrocketed this year, and people in the game are trying to understand why. On ESPN+, trying to answer that question, along with nine other takeaways from the first four weeks of the season, including the slider rise: en.pn/3n6s3m8 https://t.co/wiNaRI9Nmq

“Early-season injuries in MLB have skyrocketed this year, and people in the game are trying to understand why” – Jeff Passan

Commentators were quick to point out that new technology is a major factor driving the rise in injured pitchers. Under the new clock, pitchers only have 15 seconds to deliver their pitch, or 20 if a runner is on base.

@JeffPassan It seems like the Reds’ arm injuries went up tenfold as soon as they introduced the technology and they also went after guys with high spin speeds, so all is well.

Several observers believe that the added stress of the clock is surely contributing to pitchers’ injuries. He New York Yankeesfor example, they are dealing with several setbacks, including injured pitchers Carlos Rodon and Frankie Montas.

@JeffPassan It’s the shot clock as everyone thought it would happen.

While it makes sense to point to one of the biggest changes as the reason for the increase in injuries to MLB pitchers, others point to other factors. Some fans believe that pitchers are more overworked and worn than ever.

@JeffPassan Maybe pitchers can learn not to max out every pitch?

@JeffPassan It’s simple. Players no longer understand how to shoot. He’s all flames and tough as can be for five innings. Rather than field fastballs and changeups that are easier on the arm for seven innings.

@JeffPassan At what point does MLB start treating pitchers the way the NFL now treats running backs? Use them for a few years and throw them away. Never pay them big money long term deals.

Furthermore, the World Baseball Classic caused headaches for teams before the 2023 MLB season began.

Multiple players, including Houston Astros José Altuve, suffered short-term injuries, while players like New York Mets Closer Edwin Diaz will likely miss the season after tearing his patellar tendon during the March tournament.

@JeffPassan But Jeff, they told me that the WBC was the problem.

@JeffPassan MLB players seemingly older than ever must be another factor, and I suspect the aging trend is more pronounced among pitchers.

New rules are an easy excuse for the rise in injuries to MLB pitchers

There is no definite cause for the increase in injured pitchers. While the shot clock remains a fan favorite, there is no concrete evidence to highlight the new feature as a major injury-inducing factor.

Injuries can only become more frequent as the game becomes more competitive by season.

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