She has been begging the men of the north to marry her: a netizen destroys Habiba Sinare

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According to Habiba Sinare, her claims about Northmen were established after her experience as a divorcee from her ex-husband, former Black Stars footballer Abdul Majeed Waris.

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It seems that Habiba Sinare’s comment did not sit well with many northern women, as a social media user identified as Saajida Shiraz fired Habiba Sinare.

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Your post says…

β€œThis post is about Habiba Bassit, who for influence purposes has decided to drop her last name for her mother’s last name to capitalize on the good name of Sinare. Someone tag her.

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You know who I am. You should, because we have an active police case. I dare you to open your mouth so I can tell everyone how twisted you are.

However, listen to this now.

1. Leave our brother alone. He is not your immediate ex-husband. The husband she divorced after less than a month of marriage was not a northerner. There are sucky men in all cultures.

2. For someone who has begged several other northern men to marry her to no avail, you sure can lie

πŸ˜‚. You faked various conditions to push them to marry you and they told you no, and you still have the audacity to sit and lie? Girl, change. You know I have screenshots and voice recordings.

3. You have constantly appropriated Northern culture to serve you. When his career fails to take off in Accra and Nollywood, she quickly runs north for safety. But what did you do? You fabricated culturally inappropriate stories about us. You were the lead actor in Savannah, a story told to the world by dagombas to engage in female genital mutilation. Now your fake apology says what? That you have promoted the culture of the north? Lady move.

I’ve been watching you, a self-confessed drug user, go online and pretend to be nice. Do you remember when you called me in August? I have all the recordings, all the text messages. I challenge you to answer any of this, and I will expose you. I’m holding back now because I value my reputation and don’t want to fight narcissistic megalomaniacs like you who will jump at any opportunity to get their name in the media.

When you bought that number to call and abuse me, you dared me to find you. Well I did. Its on!!!

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