“Selfishness, lies and lack of loyalty” Ubi Franklin reveals with style why Davido broke up with him

Ubi Franklin has reacted for the first time since the news broke that he is no longer friends with Davido.

Ubi took to his Instagram story without mentioning anyone’s name, revealing the reasons why most relationships turn sour.

Talent manager Ubi Franklin has spoken for the first time since it emerged that singer Davido had unfollowed him.

Taking her Instagram story, ubi franklin revealed the reasons why most relationships go sour.

The father of four believes that most relationships don’t die of natural causes. According to him, relationships are killed by lack of loyalty, selfishness and lies.

“Most relationships don’t die of natural causes. Lack of loyalty, selfishness and lies kill them.

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Davido cut ties with Ubi Franklin

It seems the once-enviable friendship between Afrobeats singer Davido and talent manager Ubi Franklin has come to an abrupt end.

Davido, who is still grieving the loss of his son Ifeanyi, has unfollowed more people on Instagram, including Ubi Franklin.

After checking davido’s friend list on instagram, we noticed that Ubi Franklin has been kicked off his follower list.

The singer, at the time of reporting, is currently following 1,748 and Ubi Franklin is not among them.

This comes just a few days after Ubi Franklin got his first tattoo honoring Ifeanyi Adeleke.

The music executive took to his Instagram stories to share a photo of the tattoo featuring Ifeanyi Adeleke’s nickname “Ice Pops” and a dove meaning “Rest In Peace”. In sharing it, he indicated the date of Ifeanyi’s death.

Social media is expected to be having a field day reacting to the shocking news.

While others made fun of Ubi Franklin, others blamed his Ifeanyi tattoo as the cause of their alleged breakup.

One Gift Eduju wrote: “Ubi sef does too. A grown man like that always behaving like a boiboi. How can they value it?

A Maame Fremahh wrote: “So what about the tattoo? Will you clean it up?

Expressing concern for Davido, an Emmynyu wrote: “The depression is real. Please consult David. Detachment is sometimes being caused by depression. God help David oohh

One Njide Kaah wrote: “Ha, so what will happen to Ubi’s tattoo?

One of Shanvee’s luxuries wrote: “This better be kidding. Well, I think David is going through a lot in this period…the people around him should try to understand him.

One Jenny Lawrence wrote: “They take Ubi where they don’t know ooo after all the nosy

An Issa beauty parlor wrote: “No, I know from that tattoo that Ubi is trying too hard for validation.”

Ubi Franklin isn’t the only one on Davido’s friend list to have been cut.

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