Scorpio: your horoscope for May says that a lunar eclipse is accelerating you towards destiny

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His Scorpio’s horoscope for May 2023 promises a pivotal month for both associations and personal growth. Fortunately, you’re no stranger to deep feelings and intense truths, which is a good thing, because May will be chock full of both.

Relationships are at the forefront as you begin this month, as May kicks off with a conjunction of the sun and Mercury in Taurus, bringing your thoughts, energy, and focus right into your commitment-oriented 7th house. Because Mercury retrograde, you may find that the first half of this month is spent revisiting unresolved arguments with your partner, falling back into old relationship patterns, or even contacting an ex. oops! Just don’t make any decisive decisions in love until after the retrograde ends in the middle of the month. You will have much more perspective and clarity about what you need from your partners at that moment.

A change of identity lunar eclipse arrives in your sign on May 5th, and this powerful lunation is set to rock your world. You’re shedding old skins and getting super real about your goals, needs, and desires, and these revelations will shape your relationship with others and yourself. Eclipses have been totally transformational for you in the last two years, and this one gives you one last chance to purge the pieces of your past self so you can make room for rapid growth.

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Conversations with partners will flow much more easily once Mercury retrograde ends on May 14, and you’ll have a better idea of ​​how to resolve any issues. And you have every reason to be optimistic, Scorpio, as lucky Jupiter joins the sun and Mercury. in your relationship house on May 16. This one-year transit provides abundant opportunities to make deeper commitments in relationships, as well as the potential for meaningful new relationships to blossom. Speaking of relationships, the strong but gentle new moon on May 19 may just be the cosmic balm you needed to restore some peace with your partner after a rocky Mercury retrograde. Communicating your feelings to your loved ones is much easier now.

At the end of the month and welcoming the Gemini season, your traditional ruling planet Mars it begins to warm up your career sector, providing a renewed sense of motivation when it comes to conquering career goals and otherwise taking the lead at work. However, the red planet will come face to face with intensity-loving Pluto, the other planetary ruler of your sign, challenging you to keep up and keep your cool. With his two cosmic overlords locked in a power struggle, he may be frustrated by the emerging tensions between his work and his home life. Fortunately, the sun in Gemini has supportive aspects to both planets, encouraging him to use strategy rather than brute force when it comes to getting what he wants.

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