“Sandblasted without a doubt” “Entire Mets starting rotation” – MLB debates on Twitter who has been the most disappointing player entering the 2023 season

As we have been in the MLB season, fans have been treated to some great baseball thus far. Some teams and players have surprised fans by playing above their expectations, like the Tampa Bay Rays.

Not many fans picked them to be the best team in baseball, but that’s who they are right now. Their incredible 29-8 record has them sitting atop the rest of the league.

Who has been the most disappointing player in MLB this season?

Teams and players exceeding expectations. However, some have yet to stand up under them. There have been some players this season that seem to still be in the offseason.

This has led MLB content creator Marc Luino to ask fans who they think has been the most disappointing going into the year. Fans didn’t hesitate to voice their opinions on who hasn’t lived up to the hype.

“Sandblasted without a doubt,” one fan tweeted.

“Entire Mets starting rotation,” another fan tweeted.

MLB Twitter is hard-pressed to believe it is Nolan Arenado. He has been struggling at the plate to start the season, which is why the St. Louis Cardinals they played so badly Another fan wants to put the New York Mets in that category. His starting pitching rotation hasn’t lived up to expectations thus far.

@GiraffeNeckMarc José Abreu has yet to hit a home run for the Astros in 36 games.

@GiraffeNeckMarc Def Jose Abreu, already has -1.0 bWAR and currently on -4.5 pace

@GiraffeNeckMarc Anyone saying anything other than former MVP Jose Abreu hasn’t seen Jose Abreu swing at a pitch this year. He has a whopping 48 WRC+. THE LOWEST OF BASEBALL.

@GiraffeNeckMarc Jose Abreu, IK It’s still very early in the season, but I pictured him getting off to a good start when I saw he signed with Houston.

The fans are also defending José Abreu. Many expected him to start the year on fire with his new team, the Houston Astros, but he hasn’t. He’s struggling at the plate to start the year.

Can these MLB players turn it around before it’s too late?

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels
Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels

In the case of José Abreu, the struggles of the beginning of the season are nothing new for him. He would often come out of the gate a bit chilly in the early months of the season. He usually turns it on over time, since he shines in July and August. While it’s concerning that he has yet to hit a home run this season, he should start finding one soon.

For Nolan Arenado, it’s a mystery why he’s struggling so hard. He was one of the best hitters in baseball last season, but he looks uncomfortable at the plate. Arenado is beginning to pressure at the plate and swing at pitches that he knows won’t get him the best results.

If the Cardinals have any hope this season of turning it around, Arenado will have to replicate his 2022 season at the plate.

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