Rotary clubs of Palm Springs present their 11th Annual PS Blackboard Art Festival – KESQ

You have another day to check out the 11th Annual Palm Springs Chalk Art Festival.

It continues on Sunday March 19 with the participation of artists from all over the country. The public is welcome to come and view the artwork.

On Saturday, vendors lined up near the Marilyn Monroe statue to sell their wares and attendees were treated to music by a live band. Professional artists were seen painting a variety of art pieces with chalk.

Last year’s first-place winner says he’s creating a tribute to Jason David Frank, the green power ranger who passed away last year.

“I’ve met Jason a few times where some comic rip-offs have happened on the East Coast,” says Jason Nathan, first-place winner of PS Chalf Art 2023. “And it definitely is; I think any ’90s babe will relate as if he was a personal hero to a lot of us. And I always knew that I wanted to do a proper mural after he died thinking, well, what’s the right way to do it.” Well, I think it’s appropriate to do it here.

“It’s like a little stream,” says Elena Orr, youth artist. “And then the flowers are there like something blooming in that stream. So even when you’re giving your whole heart, there’s something good about it.”

There is a children’s area too.

Mattea Wincure won first place, Elena Orr placed second, and Catherine Lee won third place in her grade level.

Artists competed for cash prizes. For the second year in a row, Joel Nathan won first place in the professional artist competition with his tribute to Jason David Frank, the green power ranger.

The event is being presented by the Rotary Clubs of Palm Springs.

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