RivCo DEA warns parents about emojis used in drug deals on social media – KESQ

He Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is Alert parents about drug trafficking on social networks through the use of emojis.

The DEA says that “drug dealers have turned smartphones into a one-stop-shop for marketing, selling, buying and delivering bogus and deadly prescription pills and other dangerous drugs. In just three steps, deadly drugs can be bought and delivered to your home like any other good or service.

DEA Riverside Office Assistant Special Agent Amador Martinez tells News Channel 3 that TikTok, WhatsApp and CashApp/Venmo are common social media apps where these emojis could be used.

The DEA says drug trafficking on social media affects all age groups, but teens and young adults are particularly susceptible due to their high rates of social media use.

Tune in at 10pm and 11pm to find out what emojis are being used and what the difference between life and death could be.


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