Red Bull’s chief adviser tightens the noose around the AlphaTauri driver: “He has not lived up to expectations”

Red Bull senior adviser Helmut Marko has issued another warning to Alpha Tauri driver Nyck de Vries as he believes the Dutchman has fallen short of expectations so far this season.

In an interview with Racing News 365, Marko said:

“Till the date, [de Vries] It has not lived up to the expectations placed on it. Of course, we openly discussed it with him and now there are routes that he knows. So let’s see how it plays out and then we’ll discuss more and possibly decide.”

🚨| Helmut Marko has reportedly given AlphaTauri’s Nyck de Vries a warning, in a bid to improve his performance for the Spanish GP! #F1 #NyckDeVries

De Vries was brought in from outside the Red Bull talent pool to replace Pierre Gasly. However, he was passed by teammate Yuki Tsunoda in the first four races of the season.

While it’s still early in the season, De Vries’ performance chart hasn’t impressed Marko. However, the Austrian feels it is important to analyze how the next few races will unfold before deciding on the future of the AlphaTauri driver.

Red Bull adviser cites reasons why Lewis Hamilton is dissatisfied

In a recent interview with F1 Insider, Helmut Marko outlined the two key reasons why Lewis Hamilton is currently dissatisfied with his career. He said:

“There are two things that really bother Hamilton. In the first place, that he is no longer world champion, and it will be difficult for him to become one again in the future. He knows that there is no place for him at Red Bull.

“And whether Ferrari will be better for him in sporting terms than Mercedes is not set in stone. Apart from the sporting perspective, Lewis is not happy that he is no longer the highest earning driver in Formula 1. This is Max Verstappen now. At least that could change with the help of Ferrari.”

According @Forbes Max Verstappen was the highest earning F1 driver in 2022, with a total of $60 million (40 salaries + 20 bonuses) First time since 2013 Lewis Hamilton is not the highest earning F1 driver.

Red Bull’s chief adviser suggested that Ferrari’s desire to sign Hamilton could be a solution to the driver’s pay problems. The Briton’s salary is estimated at approximately $55 million. Max Verstappen was the highest-paid driver in 2022, with a base salary of $40 million (along with $20 million in bonuses).

With his contract due for renewal, it is currently unclear if Hamilton will continue with Mercedes or move to another team. He was linked to Ferrari, according to reports ahead of the Monaco GP weekend, but he has since dismissed the rumours.

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