Raw Food Blogger Who Allegedly Believes In Bizarre Sunshine Diet Arrested After Baby’s Death, Authorities Say

  • Authorities allege that the Russian health blogger is “suspected of torturing a baby” after the death of his son.
  • The man is indulging in a raw food diet and believes he can feed on the sun’s energy, reports say.
  • She could have tried feeding her month-old baby the same strange diet, reports say.

Authorities have detained a Russian health blogger known for promoting radical eating habits after the death of his baby.

“The man is suspected of torturing a baby,” the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation alleged in a statement. He continued that they had opened a criminal case against the man.

“After the birth of the child, the suspect took the baby from the mother at least three times between February and March of this year and deprived it of the opportunity to eat for one day,” it said.

The 43-year-old is devoted to a radical diet of raw foods and the belief that he can feed on the energy of the sun, Yahoo news reports.

Russian police stated that the couple “attempted to get the baby to eat prana, a diet in which people go a long time without food or water and ‘feed on the sun,'” according to a report. local news medium, by Yahoo News.

On March 8, 2023, due to the baby’s deteriorating health, the couple decided to take the child to a hospital near the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, but the child died on the way, authorities said.

He Russian Media 78 said the baby, born on February 11, 2023, according to Russian authorities, refused to feed, leading the food blogger to conclude that it must want to feed on energy from the sun.

His partner, the mother of the deceased baby, has been charged with wrongful death and placed under house arrest.

friends of the couple said that when she was pregnant, she secretly begged neighbors for food, reported review the voice.

Russian authorities report that the baby was born at home with no doctors or medical professionals present.

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