Queen Cleopatra Season 1 Watch Online and Download Episodes on Netflix

Starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Adele James, Craig Russell docuseries queen cleopatra Season 1 is now available to watch and download on the Netflix streaming platform starting May 10, 2023. Here’s everything you need to know and what we know so far about new Netflix series.

About the Netflix series Queen Cleopatra

From executive producer Jada Pinkett Smith comes a documentary series exploring the lives of prominent and iconic African queens. This season will feature Queen Cleopatra, the most famous, powerful and misunderstood woman in the world, a daring queen whose beauty and renowned romances came to outshine her true asset: her intellect.

Cleopatra has become an icon, endlessly embellished and rewritten throughout history. Now our series reassesses her fascinating history, her political brilliance, as well as the questions surrounding her heritage, which continue to be the subject of debate.

Who are the actors in the cast of the series?

the stars of the series Jada Pinkett Smithh, Adele James, Craig Russell, John Partridge, Kaysha Woollery, Andira Crichlow, Greg Lockett and Philip Walker in key roles.

When to watch Queen Cleopatra season 1 on Netflix?

The series is released to stream on May 10, 2023 on Netflix.

How many episodes does queen cleopatra season 1 have?

The first season has a total of four episodes to watch on Netflix. These are the details of each episode:

Episode 1: Rivals
Fulfilling her father’s wish, a young Cleopatra ascends the throne in Egypt amid sibling rivalries and forms an alliance with a prominent Roman leader.

episode 2: When in Rome
The birth of a child unites Rome and Egypt, placing Cleopatra in a favorable position until a shocking murder endangers her life and that of her son.

Episode 3: What should be done
Cleopatra forges a strategic relationship for personal gain while Egypt prospers under her rule. Later, she makes a bold decision in the heat of battle.

episode 4: The last pharaoh
As Octavian and the Roman army take aim at Egypt, crises break out on and off the battlefield. Will Cleopatra be able to protect herself, her children and her empire?

Queen Cleopatra Season 1 Trailer

Check out the trailer video below:

How to watch Queen Cleopatra season 1 online?

season one It has been released with its four episodes. You can stream all episodes of Queen Cleopatra series online on Netflix with your subscription plan. If you already have your plan, then you don’t need to pay any additional cost. Just search for the title and enjoy streaming this show on the Netflix app. Click here to watch on Netflix.

Can you download queen cleopatra season 1 episode

Yeah! Of course. If you are a Netflix subscribed user, you can download all episodes of this series on your streaming device for offline viewing anytime, anywhere.

Does Queen Cleopatra season 1 have subtitles?

Yeah! The documentary series has English subtitles for all episodes.

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