PSUSD invites parents to add their children to its dual immersion program – KESQ

Palm Springs Unified is extending the invitation to parents who enroll their little ones in its dual immersion program.

In this fourth grade classroom at Vista del Monte School you learn in English and Spanish with great pride.

“It’s important because when he grows up and is an adult he can have a very good job,” said Milagros Hall, a student.

These students are part of the Palm Springs School District dual immersion program that began 8 years ago.

“I like to speak two languages ​​because it can help us in the future with a job, when you apply you can speak two languages,” said Emilio Hernandez, another fourth grade student.

As the school district prepares for the upcoming school year, the registration period begins for families who want their children to take advantage of this curriculum.

“When a child speaks two languages, he generally reasons better, analyzes better, and academic excellence goes up,” said Cristina Pérez Peña, a transitional kindergarten teacher at Vista del Monte Elementary.

The program’s goal is to promote bilingualism and affection for the children’s native language.

And also learn in English.

“Because once children speak two languages, many times they go to university and progress more than children who don’t know two languages,” said Pérez Peña.

A series of meetings are scheduled to share more information with parents of interested families.

The next one will take place on Monday, March 13 at 5 pm at Cabot Yerxa School in Desert Hot Springs.

According to recent data from the school district, students in the program exceeded state standards in math and reading.

“We want to enrich their culture and the social and cultural aspect,” said Pérez Peña.

For these students, the value of maintaining their two languages ​​is strongly instilled.

“I can help people who only speak Spanish,” Hall said.

“You can earn a little more money,” Hernández said.

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