Priyanka Chopra Says She Only Agreeed To Date Nick Jonas After Watching One Of His Music Videos: ‘That Body Deserves At Least One Date’

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas said Nick Jonas’s music video for “Close” convinced her to reply to his DM.
  • She said in “call her daddy” she got so nervous watching the video that she “had to open the window”.
  • “Every time he sings that song to me on stage, my knees shake,” she added.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has spoken about why she decided to take a chance on her now-husband Nick Jonas when he took the first step via direct message.

“A lot of people get into my DMs,” Chopra Jonas said in an episode of the podcast “call his daddy”, published on Wednesday.

However, what set Jonas apart was the fact that he directly asked her outsomething the “Citadel” actor said not many people did.

“The fact that he had the confidence to slip into my DMs and ask me out, like that?” She continued.

“Her message was literally, ‘They told me we should meet up,'” Chopra told host Alex Cooper, adding that she found her message both “cocky” and “sexy.”

Chopra Jonas said she didn’t take the “Jealous” singer’s message seriously at first, as she was “in the middle of a tumultuous relationship” with an unidentified man at the time.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas attend the 2023 Met Gala.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas attended the 2023 Met Gala together earlier this month.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Also, she wasn’t very familiar with Jonas or his claim to fame as part of the Jonas Brothers band, given that she, as she noted, grew up around “Indian pop culture” and was a “different generation” from her base. of fans

“Like any self-respecting girl, I googled it,” she said. “Then one night, room service, me and Google. And guess what came up? This video is called ‘Near.'”

The “Baywatch” actress said she “immediately” sent Jonas her phone number after seeing the music video for the 2016 collaboration with Tove Lo. The video shows both singers sitting in chairs facing each other, unable to physically touch each other until layers of clothing are ripped off and they embrace.

Nick Jonas and Tove Lo in the music video for "Near."

Nick Jonas and Tove Lo in the music video for “Close.”

Nick Jonas/YouTube

“That body deserves at least one date,” Chopra recalled thinking after watching the video, joking that she got so nervous watching the music video that she “had to open the window.”

She continued, “That video. His voice. Still, every time he sings that song on stage for me, my knees go weak.”

“I didn’t even need to look at any other shit. I don’t give a fuck who I dated,” she said. “We’re talking about the future. I always say this, I don’t read my book backwards. I think you go through the chapters.”

“So my response after watching that video was, ‘Why don’t you text me? My team can see my direct messages,'” he added.

After the couple went public with their relationship in 2018, they got engaged and married the same year. Their first child, a girl named Malti Marie, was born by surrogacy in January 2022.

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