President on North Carolina blackouts: those responsible “knew where to shoot” –

(NewsNation) — A Moore County official says those responsible for shooting at two power substations in North Carolina “knew where to shoot.”

Authorities say the FBI is investigating the attack targeting the substations. The outages have left thousands of people in the dark.

Nick Picerno, chairman of the Moore County, North Carolina, board of commissioners, appeared on “On Balance with Leland Vittert” to discuss the blackouts.

After visiting the site of the damaged substations, Picerno believes the attack was planned as the area is very difficult to access.

“It is very difficult to get to the actual location of this substation and it is huge in size. So think about the size of three quarters of a football field. And whoever was the person or persons that did this, they knew exactly where to shoot to create a slow leak in the transformers, which drain the oil, so they had time to get out and escape before anyone figured out as to the Energy. the network is going down,” Picerno said.

Picerno says that to his knowledge, investigators are no closer to understanding who did this and how it happened. He said authorities are keeping his information close to the vest.

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