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We have explored some potential solutions for the frustrating WhatsApp “invalid QR code” message that is currently being displayed to some users.

As has always been the way with modern technology, it tends to be great, until it stops working.

Having been bought by tech giants Meta in a multi-billion dollar deal in 2014, WhatsApp has become one of the world’s central hubs for all kinds of daily conversations between families, businesses, and friends.

But the app is prone to weird bugs, including the “invalid QR code” error message, which has been bothering WhatsApp users for some time now.

WhatsApp Invalid QR Code Message Explanation

While WhatsApp is usually associated with a mobile app, the service has branched out across various desktop platforms in recent years, meaning you can be even closer to your favorite group chats at all times.

Every WhatsApp account needs to be linked to a phone number, but the process of connecting your laptop or computer to your mobile account is usually relatively straightforward.

Although in recent days, several frustrated users have taken to social media to complain about the fact that they get an error message when they try to scan the QR code needed to set up WhatsApp web.

As can be seen in the post below, when the user tries to scan the code, they are met with a message saying “invalid QR code”, which means they cannot continue with the process:

Possible solutions to the QR code problem

Unfortunately, neither WhatsApp nor Meta have offered official fixes for the QR code issue at the time of writing this article on April 25, 2023.

However, according to a tech site, there is a number of things which is worth trying if you have the same issue with WhatsApp web.

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According to the report, one potential solution is to make sure you’re using WhatsApp’s official built-in QR code scanner and not a third-party service you may have installed on your device.

A second potential solution is to optimize your chances of getting a clean scan by cleaning your camera and turning off your desktop’s dark mode setting. Both of these changes will help ensure that the scan is well lit and clear.

The problem could also be data related. Having a full cache of internet memory can slow down your system and make things like QR codes harder to load, so make sure your device’s cache has been recently cleared.

How to get in touch with WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp has not yet addressed the issue, you may want to contact them directly about the QR code issue.

Since the company’s Twitter account seems to be focused on promotional content, it’s unlikely you’ll have much success tweeting them.

Rather, if you go through the official Contact WhatsApp and provide your personal details, the company will speak to you directly about any technical issues you may have.

In addition, there is also a FAQ section in the company. Help Center with several pages dedicated to QR code related questions, so be sure to check it out if you’re still waiting for a response from WhatsApp.

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