Pisces: your horoscope for May wants you to make new friends and fall in love with new people

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you are starting your Pisces horoscope for May 2023 reserved and busy, as Taurus season highlights your communication sector and boosts your social confidence.

Unfortunately, retrograde mercury You’re also making your mark on those conversations, which could cause some nasty schedule hiccups or misunderstandings that temporarily put a damper on your communicative vibes. Re-read all your texts and emails before you send them now Pisces, until the Mercury seasons head directly in the middle of the month, it will be all too easy to accidentally send someone the wrong message!

The first week of May also offers a lunar eclipse in the water sign companion Scorpio, shifting their focus to general plans. This lunation could catalyze sudden paradigm shifts or open your eyes to an unexpected new perspective on life, all of which could inspire you to steer the ship of your soul in a totally unexpected direction. If a conversation or idea piques your interest or strikes a chord in your heart now, it might be worth exploring.

Things get even more exciting after the eclipse. love planet Venus enters your romantic sector on May 7, which brings harmonious vibes to your love life and may even ignite a new seductive spark in a current long-standing relationship. Your flirting levels are through the roof, and flirting will be a lot more fun once Mercury Retrograde ends on May 14. Two days later, abundant Jupiter, also known as your traditional cosmic ruler—He is moving to his third communication house. This marks the beginning of an expansive one-year transit that will open up more social connections, allow you to be more present in her environment, and give her ideas much more reach. And with the optimistic magic of Jupiter on your side, the new moon in taurus May 19 is truly the perfect time to start speaking your truth. People want to hear what you have to say, so turn a new page of self-expression.

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Have you gotten tired of all this social stimulation yet, Pisces? Once Gemini season kicks off on May 21, you might go into homey mode and start longing for a little time to relax in your safe space. Gemini is a talkative air sign, but with the sun in your domestic fourth house, you are channeling the influx of mental energy directly into the inner world of your emotions. During the last week of May, a cosmic dispute between the sun and Serious Saturn in Pisces It could bring you difficulties with a family member or some domestic responsibilities that clash with your plans. Call on the cunning of Gemini season to help you manage stress and multitask your way to a solution.

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