Paris Hilton says she was ‘in the middle of PTSD’ when she made racist and homophobic comments in the early 2000s: ‘I’m mortified’

  • Paris Hilton has addressed her history of making offensive comments about minorities.
  • In his memoirs, he wrote that after his time in abusive schools, he had a “severely damaged filter.”
  • “I don’t remember half the things people say I said,” she wrote. “But I don’t deny it.”

paris hilton has addressed his history of doing racist, homophobicand antisemitic comments in his autobiography, “Paris: Memoirs”.

Since becoming a public figure 20 years ago with the launch of the reality show, “the simple life“In 2003, Hilton has been repeatedly criticized for making offensive comments against minorities.

As recently as 2012, online radar obtained an audio recording of the hotel heiress making anti-gay comments during a taxi ride, for which he later apologized.

In her memoirs, published Tuesday, the 42-year-old businesswoman wrote that after spending part of her teenage years in a series of residential treatment centerswhere she said she was physically, mentally and sexually abusedshe had “a severely damaged filter”.

Hilton said that while he was in Provo Canyon School and other schools, she was forced to participate in attack therapy sessions known as “raps” where “people went for the most obvious target in the ugliest language possible.”

“The N word. The C word. The F word. (Not that F word, the worst.) I remember some of the things I said in the years after I left Provo, in the midst of PTSD, and I’m mortified,” she wrote. . “Horrified”.

“I’m disgusted, because that means those creepy people got into my head. I never really left them behind,” Hilton continued, adding that while she “tried to drown it out,” the “roar of rap never went far.”

Paris Hilton with her friend and "the simple life" co-star, Nicole Richie.

Paris Hilton with her friend and “The Simple Life” co-star Nicole Richie.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“I couldn’t party enough, I couldn’t drive fast enough, I couldn’t turn my music up loud enough or suck up enough love to make it go away,” she wrote. “Sometimes I fell back into that kill or be killed mentality, and I’m not proud of it. I was screwed, okay? And I drank a lot. I eat a lot.”

However the mom of one he acknowledged: “To say I drank to ease the pain, that’s an explanation, not an excuse.”

“Sometimes I was drunk and a fucking jerk,” Hilton wrote. “I don’t remember half the things people say I said when I was being an unconscious jerk, but I don’t deny it.”

“I had a severely damaged filter, except when I got buzzed and I had no filter at all.”

Hilton wrote that the 11 months she spent in residential treatment centers “systematically destroyed” her ability to trust people, meaning that “getting close to anyone made me feel vulnerable and raw.”

“As a result, I said the worst things about the people I love the most.”

“I’m a genuinely nice person,” he added. “I try to help people whenever I can. I love to encourage my friends and fellow creatives.”

Paris Hilton’s “Paris: The Memoir” is out now.

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