Palm Springs Air Museum Unveils New ‘Mickey Mouse One: Walt’s Plane’ Exhibit – KESQ

A new exhibit has opened at the Palm Spring Air Museum in honor of Walt Disney’s birthday.

‘Mickey Mouse One: Walt’s Plane’ is now open to all museum goers.

Opening day was special for a group of Disney fans, including Richard Haro and his wife, Pat.

They go to Disneyland every Sunday dressed in a different outfit that his wife makes. They pulled out their best outfits for Walt’s birthday celebration and the opening of a new exhibit centering on Walt’s famous plane, ‘The Mouse.’

Disney archivist Becky Clide tells us the plane will be on display for decades as it will be loaned to the air museum on a long-term loan.

You can even see a silhouette of Walt Disney himself painted on the plane marking his seat.

“The seat that Walt sat in is actually on display, so you can come and see Walt Disney’s seat,” says Clide.

And there are plans to give viewers an even closer look at Walt’s plane.

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Walt regularly flew to Palm Springs to visit his Smoke Tree Ranch home and helped found the Palm Springs Airport.

Fred Bell, vice president of the Palm Springs Air Museum says, “He (Walt) was one of the civic leaders who signed up for the airport bill, if you can believe it. That’s how much he believed in aviation.”

You can find more information about Walt Disney’s G-1, ‘The Mouse’ here.

You can also visit the Palm Springs Air Museum website to buy tickets.

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