Overwatch 2 gets its first community-created map, Talantis

Blizzard has released its first community-created map on surveillance 2, available now on all platforms. The news comes from the official Overwatch Twitter account, as the team has revealed that the map will be playable in the game’s suite of Arcade modes.

In the tweet, a video is shown and we are given a good look at the map. From what was seen, it’s clear that Talantis is an underwater-themed map with giant fish swimming around the edges. It has a unique visual style not normally seen in the game.

Talantis is a 5v5 map that plays similar to other Overwatch 2 maps, with each team tasked with taking control of the hub. Players can take an elevator to reach the objective. The first team to capture the objective twice wins the match, and all three rounds are played in the same location.

It’s not confirmed, but seems likely, that this community-created map will be the first of several to come to the hero shooter. For more Overwatch 2 news, check out our story at Lifeweaver is getting a control redesign and healing buff soon and ours life weaver hero guide.

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