Otto Addo apologizes for criticizing the referee after the Ghana-Portugal match

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Ghana Black Stars manager Otto Addo has apologized for criticizing referee Ismail Elfath after the game between Ghana and Portugal.

Remember that many Ghanaians and supporters went crazy after the football match ended.

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The Ghanaians criticized the referee for awarding the wrong penalty to the Portuguese player Christiano Ronaldo during the soccer match. Many accused the referee of being racist and dragged him down on social media.

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Black Stars coach Otoo Addo also blamed the referee for Ghana’s loss on Thursday, claiming the Europeans had the referee’s support.

He said: “The referee was not in our favour. I think you have to ask the ref. I have no proof of that. We were playing the ball and there was contact. I don’t know if they weren’t paying or if the VAR wasn’t paying attention. If you watch the replay, we played the ball, it was actually a foul against us.”

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Speaking at a pre-match conference yesterday, Addo apologized for his comments, adding that he was hopeful that he would not receive any sanctions from FIFA.

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“Until this moment we didn’t get any response (from FIFA), maybe I can use this scenario now to apologize if I was too rude but I was very emotional after the match. I hope they don’t fine me.”


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