Oscars 2023 Predictions For Best Actress, Best Actor And Best Picture, According To Astrologers

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The biggest night of awards season is almost here, and everyone is dying to know who the winners will be. This year the 95 oscars will take place on Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT in Los Angeles, California; and final voting ends on March 7, 2023. With so many talented stars nominated for cinema’s most prestigious award, we’re all curious as to who will emerge victorious. And if you were wondering which celebrities might have a head start before the big night, let me, an astrologer, explain my Astrology Predictions for the Oscars 2023based on the zodiac signs present in each nomination for Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Picture.

Predictive astrology has been used for thousands of years to track and predict major global events. And by making a graph for the 2023 Oscars and comparing it to the natal charts of each nominee–we might be able to discern which of our favorite actors may have a career-defining moment at the Oscars this year. To help with our predictions, we spoke to a famous astrologer and tarot reader. kayla murphy–whom you may know as the astrologer who predicted Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement before the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Here’s what you need to know about the astrology at stake during the 2023 Oscars:

StyleCaster |  Oscars 2023 Predictions, According to an Astrologer


Oscars 2023 Astrology Predictions

During the Oscars, the sun will be in dreamy and artistic Pisces, while the moon will move through complex and mysterious Scorpio, adding a touch of drama to the evening. There is no doubt that the stakes are high tonight: and with Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, they will form an exact match. conjunction with Chiron–the wounded healer– in Aries, there won’t be a dry eye in the building. “An emotional and entertaining evening awaits us from start to finish. With Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries, we will see well-deserving individuals finally “get their flowers” ​​and make their mark in the industry as the first, the best, setting records and making history,” Murphy explains.

There will also be some offstage drama, thanks to some critical aspects with the moon and Saturn. “As the moon approaches 29°, we could see some outrageous or controversial dialogue or exchanges, whether it be an offensive joke or another time will smithMurphy explains. He goes on to add that the mutable square between mars in gemini and Neptune in Pisces could bring some celebrities an unwanted or unexpected influx of attention online. “I bet at least one major moment will go viral on social media during Oscar night, whether it’s touching, controversial or funny,” says Murphy. StyleCaster“And I’m sure Jimmy Kimmel as our host will cause some trouble in terms of jokes that go further.”

And finally, if you were curious about red carpet looks for the night, get ready for some powerful and possibly polarizing fashion statements from your favorite stars. “I’m imagining some bold, sexy, possibly even ‘love it or hate it’ looks on the carpet with the Martian energy of the night,” Murphy explains, “and later that night, the moon will enter Sagittarius just in time for the holidays. subsequent ones that will lighten the mood and bring a wilder, carefree essence to fashion statements.”

Everything everywhere at once

IAC Cinema.

Expected Winner: Everything everywhere at once

  • All calm on the west front
  • Avatar: The Path of Water
  • The Banshees of Inisherin
  • Elvis
  • Everything everywhere at once
  • The Fabelmans
  • Tar
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • triangle of sadness
  • women talking

When it comes to picking a winner for “Best Picture” this year, there are a few movies that astrologically stand out from the crowd. And while no one really knows which director will take home the Oscar, it seems that Everything everywhere at once could be victorious. For starters, the transiting sun in Pisces will form a conjunction between your natal Sun and Jupiter, bringing luck to those looking to be in the spotlight. And with Pallas, the asteroid that governs creative intelligence and artistic vision, in Cancer, the big winners of the night are likely to go to the films and artists who were nominated for their poignant portrayals of parenthood and family relationships.

Another key aspect that points to a win for this film is the moon in Scorpio forming a strong square with Saturn in Pisces. This aspect in the natal chart signifies struggles to bond with an important female figure in life, possibly a mother figure; with the lesson of embracing your roots and standing up for self-acceptance. With these transits in motion on Oscar night, a film like “Everything Everywhere All At Once” that focuses on the mother-daughter relationship could be the night’s big winner.

Austin Butler


Predicted Winner: Austin Butler

  • austin butler for Elvis
  • Colin Farrell by The Banshees of Inisherin
  • Brendan Fraser by The whale
  • Pablo Mescal for After the sun
  • Bill Nighy by Living

The competition for “Best Actor” is tough this year, and anyone could take home the Oscar for their performance, there are too many transits in Austin Butler’s favor to ignore. austin butler has had a meteoric rise to fame in recent years, and with his Saturn Return in Aquarius ending just before Oscar night, your hard work could pay off. “Austin Butler’s table for Oscar night is incredibly active, and has a lot of exact aspects happening that night, including; Mars is sextile your natal Sun and Mercury, Jupiter square your natal Neptune, and Venus trine your natal Jupiter and Sun,” says Murphy.

The astrology of the night not only says it’s going to be a critics’ darling, but it’s likely to be a big talking point on social media thanks to its Jupiter in Leo creating a cosmic connection to the transit of Mars in Gemini. These transits are sure to bring an element of luck and positive attention to Austin’s ego and public career. And it could be the sign that the academy will reward Austin Butler for his hauntingly authentic and raw portrayal of Elvis.

brendan fraser



This one was tough, but as far as possible upsets in the “Best Actor” category, it looks like Brendan Fraser might have a chance at an Oscar night win thanks to Pluto transiting his tenth house of public image And career And considering this role was his big return to acting, we could see Brendan taking home the big prize on Oscar night for his daring performance in “The Whale.”

STYLECASTER |  michelle yeoh

Image: Christopher Polk/PMC.

Predicted Winner: Michelle Yeoh

  • Cate Blanchett by Tar
  • Ana de Armas for Blond
  • Andrea Riseborough by to leslie
  • michelle williams by The Fabelmans
  • Michelle Yeoh by Everything everywhere at once

Many of the “Best Actress” nominees this year have aspects favorable to Jupiter and Venus, so it’s a very close call. But a closer look at the stars shows that it might finally be time for Michelle Yeoh to take home the Oscar. For starters, the final voting for the Oscars ends on March 7, 2023, the same day Michelle Yeoh’s second Saturn Return in Aquarius ends. And hers Jupiter hers in Pisces hers will get lots of love from the stars on Oscar night, connecting with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, the Full Moon in Virgo just a few days earlier, Yeoh’s natal Venus and Pluto crossed paths in Virgo, which could signal impending recognition for her years of work as an actress and advocate in Hollywood. “I support Michelle Yeoh as she is the first Asian woman to be nominated for an Oscar in the best actress category and her chart certainly reflects that. She has some impactful personal placements for the night and while some may indicate restrictions and limitations, I hope they reflect breaking the pattern and being the disruptor to win,” says Murphy.

cate blanchett



While the stars seem to favor Michelle Yeoh this time around, Murphy says Cate Blanchett’s performance in “Tár” could make her the big winner of the night. “Cate Blanchett’s graph looks very promising; Uranus is exactly on her Ascendant, Saturn has just entered her 11th house sextile her natal Saturn, and the Jupiter/Chiron conjunction will be in her natal Venus and trine Mars,” Murphy explains. “I feel like all of this emulates an overwhelmingly emotional celebration of hard work paying off, so keep an eye out for the possibility of Cate taking home the Oscar.”

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