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Paul Merson has said in Sky Sports News (1:56pm, March 18, 2023) that Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold hasn’t improved.

The former Arsenal star made the comments about Alexander-Arnold when discussing the poor form of the Liverpool and England international right-back this season.

The Sky Sports pundit believes the 24-year-old earns £160,000 a week (salary sport) has not improved as a right-back.

Paul Merson on Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold

Merson said of Alexander-Arnold: “You’ve been a right-back now for one of the best teams in the world, and it hasn’t gotten any better, and I don’t see how that works. But I do it by watching him play.”

What should Jurgen Klopp do with Trent Alexander-Arnold?

In our opinion, Trent Alexander-Arnold needs to be trained better defensively as a right-back, and that is what Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp needs to work on.

Now, of course, you defend as a team, so when the England international is often exposed at the back, it’s not always his fault.

You can’t ask Alexander-Arnold to go on the attack, and when one of his teammates loses the ball, expect him to run back immediately and be around to defend at the same time.

You have to have the right balance.

And we think that’s what’s missing right now.

It will not be resolved overnight.

Klopp needs to work on it in preseason and make the switch at the start of next season.

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