No one will buy Ivana Trump’s townhouse, an extravagant unit in leopard print and pink marble, nearly 9 months after her accidental death in the apartment –

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Ivana Trump’s Manhattan townhouse, which she bought after an acrimonious divorce from former President Donald Trump, is still in the housing market months after his accidental death in the unit.

According to The New York Times, the five-story, 8,700-square-foot Upper East Side townhouse is still for sale for $26.5 million, months after Ivana Trump fell to her death in July 2022.

With rising interest rates and homeowners’ preference for more understated, modern designs, it’s unclear exactly why the flashy unit hasn’t sold. Other Trump properties have fallen in value, or have not sold, since Donald Trump’s run for president in 2015, according to the Times.

Notably, the price of Ivana Trump’s former abode has not moved since it was listed in November 2022.

The house was listed with Douglas Elliman and features quirky rooms tied to the persona of Ivana Trump, as well as a haunting doll inspired by Ivana Trump. She bought the townhouse in 1992, the year she finalized her divorce from Donald Trump.

Following Ivana Trump’s highly publicized and financially contentious divorce from Donald Trump, Ivana Trump was awarded a settlement worth $25 million and bought the house for $2.5 million. At the time of purchase, the apartment was a dentist’s office that needed a major remodeling job. Ivana Trump also personalized the unit.

Twelve years later, the house was finished with pink marble floorleopard-print furniture and an entertainment room covered in gold-trimmed wallpaper that reflected “how Louis XVI would have lived if he had money,” said Ivana Trump, by The Wall Street Journal.

Ivana and Donald Trump’s three children, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump, spent their teenage years in the apartment.

On July 14, 2022, Ivana Trump died in the row house at the age of 73, in a death that was ruled accidental by the New York City Medical Examiner.

Months later, in November 2022, the unit went on the market.

“She was so comfortable there,” her son Eric Trump told The Wall Street Journal. “It was the last possession in the world that he would have gotten rid of.”

Proceeds from the eventual sale of the home will be divided among the three Trump brothers, The New York Times reported.

Correction: April 25, 2023: An earlier version of this story misrepresented the months since Ivana Trump passed away. It’s been nine months, not five.

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