Nike Finders Keepers Answers 7/12/2022 – Try Hard Guides

If you need help finding the answer to today’s Nike Finders Keepers, we’ve got you covered. Nike started a digital treasure hunt that began on December 1 and ends on December 7, 2022. Each day, there will be one or more clues that you need to use to find the product that the clue refers to.

Nike Finders Keepers Answer Day 7

For day six, December 7, 2022, the Nike Finders Keepers clue is “It’s a pair with air. The happiest max of all the maxes.”

ANSWER: Air Max Bliss (Women)

This reveals the next clue: “Zipper and hood. It’s got you covered. Need a little Dri in your fit?

ANSWER: Dri Fit Standard Issue Men’s Full-Zip Basketball Hoodie then look under “More Information”: you MUST be in the app to locate this answer!!

When you solve clues, you’ll be able to unlock special prizes, though the rewards for the limited-time event have yet to be revealed. Today’s rewards are the ability to purchase: Dunks, AF1, UPTEMPO, and AM97 at retail stores.

How to Play Nike Finders Keepers

To participate in the digital treasure hunt, you’ll need to install the Nike mobile app on your device. You will then need to login or register to create an account. On the home page of the app, you will see a banner titled “Finders Keepers” where you can tap “get today’s track” to view the track(s) of the day.

Clues are dropped around 10am ET/7am PT.

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