Nick Cannon says it’s ‘healthier’ for Mariah Carey and her kids if they stay divorced: ‘She’s moved and I’ve moved multiple times’

  • Nick Cannon opened up about rekindling his relationship with Mariah Carey on “The Jason Lee Show.”
  • The couple, who were married for eight years, are currently parents to twins Moroccan and Monroe.
  • Cannon said it’s “healthier” for them to stay apart rather than “recreate” their past.

nick cannon He said he has no intention of rekindling his romance with Mariah Carey.

Carey and Cannon married in 2008 after a brief courtship and welcomed twin boys Moroccan and Monroe in 2011.

However, the couple separated in 2014, and since their divorce was finalized in 2016, they have continued to raise their children while exploring other relationships.

Appearing on Wednesday’s episode of the Revolt series “The Jason Lee Show”, Cannon was asked if he would ever be in a relationship with Carey again.

Cannon said she had “never experienced that level of love from anyone”, but added: “That was over a decade ago and now we’re like the best of friends.”

“I feel like with all the craziness and shit that I’ve accumulated… I think it would be too hard. First, I think she’s in a relationship and she’s happy. I don’t want to upset,” Cannon said.

“At the same time, I feel like for our kids, which is for the best and what we’re both focused on, this scenario is much healthier for all of us. Because if we were all under one household, especially in the day and age at we live in now, I think the enemy would try to attack in many different ways.”

nick cannon

Nick Cannon with Moroccan and Monroe in 2017.

David Livingston/Getty Images)

Cannon also said the former couple “has never had an argument” since their divorce.

He also reiterated earlier comments that he is not interested in remarrying.

“I speak very well, but I don’t want to anymore and that’s only because she moved, I moved a few times, so now we can coexist the way we do,” the “Wild N Out” host said. . .

“But if I try to recreate our love story that we had before, it’s never going to be as great as it was. We get to see it, we live it, and in the grand scheme of things, these milliseconds that we operate these molecules, we’ll be able to tell that history”.

Carey is currently dating choreographer and creative director Bryan Tanaka. Meanwhile, Cannon has had relationships with several women and has He has had an additional 10 children with five women since separating from Carey.

During the past year, Cannon has spoken highly of Carey and his feelings for her.

Last year, he launched a track called “Alone”, which samples Carey’s song “Love Takes Time”, in which he raps about his feelings for her.

In July, Cannon said in “The Hot Tee Talk Showwhat tortoiseshell was his “fantasy love”.

“But if I had the chance, if I could be the way it was, I’m there,” Cannon added.

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