NFL Rumors: NY Jets Targeted Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback Before Signing Aaron Rodgers

The New York Jets instead acquired Aaron Rodgers after two things became apparent. First, former No. 2 overall pick Zach Wilson wasn’t a viable starter, and second, Rodgers was available. They immediately began to focus on him as their new quarterback.

However, that trade took a long time and it would be foolish to assume the Jets didn’t even consider other options. GM Joe Douglas probably asked for everyone who was possibly available. That apparently included Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

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According CBS SportsCody Benjamin, the Jets had a very short list of trade targets and Stafford was on it:

“The Jets had their sights set on new quarterback Aaron Rodgers early in the 2023 NFL offseason. But the former Packers great wasn’t the only notable name garnering the team’s attention. Before the In free agency, Jets bosses evaluated 19 different veteran options to replace Zach Wilson, according to SNY, and briefly narrowed a list of trade targets to include the Rams’ Matthew Stafford.”

The level of quarterbacks they wanted to move through was the one they felt gave them a shot at the Super Bowl. That only included Rodgers, Stafford and Lamar Jackson.

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When Jackson seemed too hard to land, the jets the office went ahead and ended up trading for Aaron Rodgers. That was probably one of the best moves they could have made.

Why Aaron Rodgers made the most sense for the Jets

Matthew Stafford does not have a clean bill of health. He suffered a debilitating injury last season and reportedly considered retiring. That’s not who a new team would want to pin its Super Bowl dreams on.

The Jets investigated Matthew Stafford
The Jets investigated Matthew Stafford

lamar jackson it would have cost too much and the Jets’ offense is so different from what Jackson has managed that the staffing might have had to change significantly. The playbook could have done it too.

Rodgers can slide in and play a similar offense to last year, but much more effective. He’s not the best quarterback of the trio anymore due to age and other factors, but he’s still effective and makes more sense.

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