New Handy Google Chrome Shortcuts You Must Know!

Google has just introduced new Google Chrome shortcuts. And indeed, they can be useful in different scenarios. Basically, before these shortcuts, there was no easy way to search your history, bookmarks, and tabs. Users would have to take the long and laborious method of manually searching for web pages.

Well, that’s where the new Chrome feature comes in. Through new “@” shortcuts, you can now easily search your entire history, all your bookmarks, and all open tabs.

All about the new shortcuts

If you’re like me, you have a lot of tabs open when you browse the internet, search for things, or find a product to buy. And things can get pretty tricky when you have about ten tabs or more open. It becomes quite difficult to go back to a particular tab in such scenarios.

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Well, with Google Chrome “@” shortcuts, finding a particular tab is no longer a problem to worry about. That being said, the new shortcuts aren’t just for tabs. They will also come in handy when you need to find something in your bookmarks.

That means you no longer have to go through folders just to find a bookmark. The same goes for the “@” history shortcut. It will allow you to search for previously visited websites without the need to go to the browser’s history section.

How to use “@” shortcuts in Google Chrome

Just go to the address bar and type “@”. When you want to search for a specific tab, type “@tab” and then type the name of the website. The steps are pretty much the same for history and bookmarks. For those, just type “@history” and “@bookmarks”. With that being said, the feature is currently exclusive to Google Chrome desktop. But it could soon come in iOS and Android versions.



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