NASS 10: Do not impose top officials on lawmakers, Northern Coalition tells APC

The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has called on the All Progressives Congress (APC) to scrap plans to hand-elect top National Assembly officials and allow legislators choose their leaders through a democratic process.

CNG said it is unreasonable for APC to suggest that a set of personalities elected by their respective constituencies as Senators and Representatives in the federal legislature cannot democratically elect their own leaders.

Addressing reporters in Abuja on Wednesday, CNG spokesman Abdul-Azeez Suleiman said the use of the president-elect’s name to impose leadership in the National Assembly is part of a broader agenda by domestic political enemies to diminish its populist tendencies and set the stage for conflict with other sections of the country that are clearly disadvantaged by the deal.

The CNG said it observed “that as a full-blooded Democrat with an unimpeachable record of commitment to upholding democratic ideals and principles, the President-elect is not, and never willfully be, part of this sinister, undemocratic and unconstitutional plot to subvert the popular will. and display leadership in the second most important government body.

“That is ridiculous, contradictory and shameful that the CPA, which tenaciously resisted the temptation to limit the presidential ticket race to zoning and opted for democratic primaries, must now confine the democratic space for the Senate leadership election.

“That this conspiracy to manipulate the National Assembly leadership selection process that clearly puts the North at a disadvantage, is actively perpetrated with the collusion of some individuals in the region, and accommodated by the personal ambition and greed of some of the who present themselves as political leaders of the north”.

However, the group resolved to “make an emphatic call on the APC leadership to restore its statesmanship by immediately reversing the decision on Akpabio and Abbass, and setting the stage for the emergence of credible leadership in the National Assembly through of democratic elections by its members as enshrined in our Constitution.

“Calling the attention of the incoming president to watch his back and protect himself against the entrenched Judas who are hell-bent on launching him against democracy, against the popular national will and against regions like the north, which made enormous sacrifices to keep the nation together. and push passed a critical turning point as he worked to secure his victory in February’s presidential election.

“To specifically warn the president-elect against the antics of vested vested interests such as those represented by El-Rufai and Ganduje.

“To warn that if this and other similar arrangements are allowed, the North as a whole would be deliberately ripped off by stripping it of the three main democratic influences; the executive, the legislative and the judicial which would be absolutely unacceptable as unjustifiable.

“Encourage all other aspirants for any position in the National Assembly to ignore this alleged undemocratic arrangement and insist on the emergence of their leadership through constitutionally recognized and acceptable democratic elections.

“To specifically call the attention of Abdul-Aziz Yari, who currently bears the symbol of the North’s aspiration for the presidency of the Senate, who would lose respect and relevance if he is tempted to drop out of the race for any undemocratic arrangement other than the elections. .

“Equally urge all House aspirants for the House Speakers office, such as Betara, Wase, Doguwa and the rest of all sections of the country, to insist on a transparent and democratic emergence of House leaders ”.


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