My group of 11 spent $411 on Disney World’s year-round Thanksgiving party, and the all-you-can-eat venue was worth every penny

Even with a group of 11, my family easily got a reservation.

Kari's family sitting at a long table in the Liberty Tree Tavern at Disney World D

We were able to get a table for our group of 11 without a problem.

Kari Becker

As a travel planner in wonderful journeys of the mousehelping clients get dinner reservations is one of my most important jobs.

When You Are Our Guest and Cinderella Royal Table are hard to come by, Liberty Tree Tavern is a great alternative in the Magic Kingdom.

It is also one of the few restaurants at Disney World that offers reservations for larger groups.

The tavern serves Patriot’s Platter, which is essentially a Thanksgiving feast.

patriot plate thanksgiving style meal at the tree of liberty tavern at disney world

The restaurant serves hearty comfort food year-round.

Kari Becker

The tavern offers a family meal for lunch and dinner that costs $40 for adults and $21 for children.

The main all-you-can-eat Patriot’s Platter is a smorgasbord of comfort food. It’s like a Thanksgiving feast that diners can enjoy any day of the year.

Our meal started with a seasonal salad and fluffy buttered rolls.

Green salad in a white bowl at Liberty Tree Tavern in Disney World

The salad was nothing fancy, but it was good to eat as a light starter.

Kari Becker

The simple green salad was fresh and tasty.

The rolls weren’t spectacular, but they were good with butter and went very well with the salad.

The main course was comfort food at its best.

close up of meat platter at tree of liberty tavern at disney world

The meat dish is the star of the show, but there are plant-based options as well.

Kari Becker

During our visit, the entrée included roasted turkey breast served with gravy, carved beef, smoked pork loin, mashed potatoesgreen beans, macaroni and cheese, and herb stuffing.

Plant-based options like the Impossible meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and greens can be ordered to order.

Some non-alcoholic drinks were included in the cost of our meal.

Alcohol menu at Liberty Tree Tavern at Disney World

You can buy alcohol with the food.

Kari Becker

All meals come with a standard beverage offering such as soft drinks, milk, coffee or hot tea.

special cocktailsbeer, wine and cider can be purchased for an additional cost.

Everyone in my group raved about the food.

Macaroni and cheese plate from the Liberty Tree Tavern at Disney World

There was a side of mac and cheese with the meal.

Kari Becker

The turkey was juicy and delicious, and the pork and beef were tender and well done.

The mashed potatoes and green beans, clearly stuffed with butter, were heavenly. The stuffing was also a perfect complement to the meal.

The mac and cheese was great for any child or picky eaters at the table.

They all had seconds or thirds and said it was their favorite meal of the trip.

Liberty Tree Tavern has some of the best food in the Magic Kingdom.

interior photo of the Liberty Tree Tavern restaurant at Disney World with chandeliers and fall decor

We will be back to Liberty Tree Tavern.

Kari Becker

My group of 11 ended up spending $411, before taxes and tips.

Although other restaurants at Disney World may be more stylish, Liberty Tree Tavern consistently delivers delicious food at a pretty good price. Also, the colonial theme is fun, especially if you like American history.

Pro Tip: If you can’t get a reservation and Liberty Tree for some reason, the diamond horseshoe next door serves the same food.

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