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If you’re looking for the best Midnight Suns hangouts to build friendship with characters, this helpful guide will break down the best hangouts for each character. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, there are different ways to increase friendship between characters, including inviting characters to Havens or giving gifts, along with Hangouts.

What are Midnight Suns Hangouts?

In Midnight Suns, each night, you have the opportunity to hang out with one of four characters. Once you choose which character, you can select an activity from a selection of three for both characters to do. This is where strategy comes in, because you can get more friendship points by selecting an activity that works best based on who you’re hanging out with.

Each Hangout can receive one of three different results, and each result is associated with the number of friendship points it can receive.

  • Love – +7 Friendship Points
  • Like – +5 friendship points
  • Dislikes: No Friendship Points

You can also receive 2 additional Friendship points if you give a response during the Hangout that the other character responds to well.

Best Midnight Suns Hangouts for Heroes

Below you’ll find the best Hangouts for each Midnight Suns hero. Here are the best activities to choose from when hanging out with specific Midnight Suns Heroes. These are the activities you should choose if available based on the character you have chosen to Hangout with that night.

  • SWORD: Have a drink, Meditation, Exercise
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA: deep conversation, playing cards, reading by the fire, exercising
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL: Picnic, Playing cards, Getting ready by the fire, Stargazing, Exercising
  • DOCTOR STRANGE: Deep Conversation, Exploring the Grounds, Mushroom Hunting, Meditation, Reading by the Fire
  • GHOST RIDER: Fishing, playing video games, lounging by the pool, watching a movie, exercising
  • IRON MAN: Picnic, lounging by the pool, playing cards, playing video games, reading by the fire
  • Magic: Having a drink, Painting, Meditating, Reading by the fire, Stargizing
  • NICO: Deep conversation, Picnic, Relaxing by the pool, Stargazing, Watching a movie
  • SCARLET WITCH: Deep conversation, Exploring the grounds, Meditation, Lounging by the pool, Reading by the fire
  • SPIDERMAN: bird watching, deep conversation, mushroom hunting, painting, picnic, video games, watching a movie
  • GLUTTON: Explore the grounds, fish, have a drink, lounge by the pool, play cards

That concludes our Midnight Suns Hangouts guide to help you maximize your friendship points and build friendships between heroes! Check out the rest of our Coverage of the midnight suns.

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