Meet the cast of the new TLC series ‘Seeking Brother Husband’, where women have more than one partner at a time

  • TLC’s reality show “Seeking Brother Husband” explores what it’s like to be a woman who dates multiple men.
  • On the show, some women have multiple husbands, while others are just beginning to open up their marriages.
  • The four featured family units navigate jealousy and confused family members while exploring non-monogamy.

In the TLC series “Looking for Brother Husband”, married women explore polyandryor when a woman has more than one husband.

The show, which airs every Sunday, features four women who want, or already have, multiple male partners. Various dynamics are presented, such as a woman with two husbands, one with a husband and a boyfriend, and another who is beginning to consider casual dating outside of her marriage.

Throughout the series, couples deal with jealousy, confused and unsupportive family members, and many awkward conversations about not monogamya general term for relationship dynamics involving more than two partners.

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