Ludacris says the ‘Fast & Furious’ cast will always remain ‘family’ after the franchise ends, and he’s especially close to Vin Diesel because their daughters are ‘best friends’

  • “Fast X” star Ludacris has said the “Fast & Furious” cast will “still be family” after the franchise ends.
  • Ludacris’ 8-year-old daughter is the “best friend” of Vin Diesel’s daughter, he said.
  • Ludacris said that he is also working on his long-awaited ninth studio album.

The “Fast and Furious” Franchise it may be coming to an end, but that won’t stop the cast from seeing each other once the series finally comes to a close.

That’s according to rapper Ludacris, who reprises his role as Tej Parker for the seventh time on “Fast X” — the tenth and penultimate film in the series, which hits theaters May 19.

“We really are a family off screen,” Luda told Insider while promoting their partnership with Rice Krispies Treats for their new limited edition “Treat. Eat. Compete.” game, which promises fun for the whole family. “Whether the movies continue or not, we’re going to continue to be family.”

“We all love each other very much,” he added.

Luda said that he and Vin Dieselwho plays street racer and ex-con Dominic Toretto on the series, have become especially close during their time working together.

“I see Vin more than everyone else, believe it or not, because his youngest daughter and my 8-year-old daughter are like best friends. They’ve been best friends forever,” Luda said, referring to her daughter, Cadence.

“They attend each other’s birthday parties. We spend Thanksgiving together, we’ve spent Christmas together. Our families are very close,” he added.

In addition to Cadence, Luda and his wife share a 21-month-old daughter, Chance. Luda also has daughters Karma, 21, and Cai, 9, from previous previous relationships.

Luda made his first appearance as Tej in 2003’s “2 Fast 2 Furious,” for which he also wrote the song “Act a Fool.”

He didn’t appear in 2006’s “Tokyo Drift” or 2009’s “Fast & Furious,” but he’s been a mainstay on the series since returning for 2011’s “Fast Five.”

The 45-year-old star said he’s grateful to have been able to play such an important role in the franchise.

“I was lucky and blessed to get a call to come back for five let alone do six, seven, eight, nine and now 10,” he said. “I already exceeded my expectations of what I was supposed to do.”

Ludacris filming the video for "2 Fast 2 Furious." April 22, 2003.

Ludacris on the set of the “Act a Fool” video.

Getty/Wire Image

Outside of the “Fast & Furious” world, Luda is currently working on his long-awaited ninth studio album and aims to release the project no later than next year, he told Insider.

The “Get Back” rapper’s latest album, “Ludaversal,” was released in 2015.

during a appearance on “The Breakfast Club” in 2018, Luda said that he chose to take a break from the music industry to “feel inspired again”.

Since then, he has released just two singles as a lead artist and appeared on a handful more as a guest.

“If the full album doesn’t come out this year, it will definitely come out next year,” said Luda.

Asked if there was anyone he specifically wanted to work with on the project, he said, “It’s still in the early stages, so it’s something I’m going to think about.”


Ludacris recently partnered with Rice Krispies Treats.

Rice Krispies Treats

One album that Luda hopes his new project can replicate is Dr. Dre’s debut studio album, “The Chronic,” which he describes as his favorite album of all time.

“To this day, the production still seems to be in a category of its own, in my opinion,” he said.

“The Chronic” was released in 1992 and features several hit tracks, including “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang” and “Let Me Ride” with Snoop Dogg, the latter of which won the 1994 Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo. . performance.

“I mean, from the sounds, the way it all blends together, it was so much talent and hunger that came together on that album that gave birth to so many other stars,” added Luda.

“I know it’s not a compilation, but it’s a great compilation of artists working seamlessly together and becoming one. And you could hear and feel the energy that was in the studio when they were creating it. That’s the best way and why I love that. him.”

Ludacris recently collaborated with Rice Krispies Treats on a limited edition game kit. Proceeds from the association benefit the Boys & Girls Club, a non-profit organization that provides safe spaces for children.

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