Low Voter Turnout in Adamawa State: Election Observer

Turnout in the gubernatorial elections in Yola, the Adamawa state capital, is reportedly low.

An election observer who spoke to THE WHISTLER expressed concern about the low turnout of people who turned out to vote compared to the recently concluded presidential election.

Maureen Danladi Panya, an observer for the Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund (NWTF), said she had witnessed low voter turnout in several voting units.

Voting unit 038, Nyakore Market, where he was when he spoke to THE WHISTLER, also registered low voter turnout.

She said: “Accreditation and voting are going perfectly well, but participation is very poor, especially for women. No vote buying was observed due to the presence of security agents.

“We had a group of thugs come and sit near the polling unit, smoking heavily and harassing voters when voters started complaining, but the observer from the Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund immediately alerted security and they took over. measures immediately and the thugs left. .

“Security personnel are touring the Jambutu district to ensure the safety of the people and prevent any form of violence during the electoral process.”

Panya said that the voting is also done in secret without any kind of assistance to avoid tampering.

He added that seniors, pregnant women and people living with disabilities had priority to vote first.

According to her, she observed that the officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, were all doing their job perfectly, including the party agents and other observers present.

Judith Jacob, a voter with Voting Unit 004 at Jambutu Primary School, said that due to low turnout, she did not spend up to 30 minutes casting her ballot.

Giving his reasons, he said: “Because the people did not come out en masse as they did during the presidential election.

“During the presidential election, the crowd was huge, but during this gubernatorial election, you will walk by and see some people sitting in a voting unit. Everyone don’t get tired!”

Ijai Pius, whose voting unit is located at Karewa PU 060 Elementary School, told this website that he was able to cast his ballot early.

“Yes, the turnout is not up to the level of the last elections (the presidential elections), but people continue to flock to vote. I left the PU since 9:10 a.m., ”she said.

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