Lord of the Rings Online celebrates its 16th birthday this month

the long lasting lord of the rings online MMO just celebrated its 16th birthday on April 24, kicking off three weeks of anniversary celebrations. Players can get involved by completing the Anniversary Scavenger Hunt and Festival Quests, as well as helping to create the biggest fireworks display ever seen in Bree.

The Scavenger Hunt returns from the anniversary events of previous years and takes players through the entire story of the game in a huge series of quests. If players have already started the quest in previous years, they will be able to pick up where they left off last time.

There are also a number of special quests available during the event, which can be done in Bree, Methel’s setting, Thorin’s Gate, the horse races, and The Party Tree. A number of special event vendors will appear in Middle-earth to allow players to collect gifts for the anniversary, including anniversary items from previous years. You can check the complete anniversary event guide. hereto make sure you don’t miss anything.

Despite its age, Lord of the Rings Online is still going strong, with plans for future expansions in the works. He also hit a 10 Year Player Peak on Steam last year, during the game’s 15th anniversary celebrations.

TO a new expansion is planned for the second half of this year, which will take players to the southern regions of Middle-earth. A number of gameplay updates, including class updates, will also roll out throughout the year, with more seasonal events coming soon.

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