Live-action rom-com film Otonanajimi releases teaser and poster visual –

The official website for the live-action film of aya nakahara‘s otonanajimi The manga ( Adulthood Friends ) posted the film’s trailer and first poster visual on Monday:

The tagline on the poster reads, “In a mutually one-sided relationship of 20 years!?”

The manga’s romantic comedy story centers on childhood friends Kaede Kagaya and Haru Aoyama. Since they were four years old, Haru has been helping Kaede, and Kaede has had a secret crush on Haru ever since, two decades later. But now, thanks to a different girl making a pass at Haru and the entrance of a childhood friend named Iori, things might finally start to move in a romantic direction for Kaede and Haru. (The manga title is a pun on the Japanese words autumn [adult] Y osanajimi [childhood friends].)

Mizuki Inoue (live action) Game Tomodachi R4, Yowamushi Pedal film, left in the image above) of the male idol group HiHi Jets plays Haru Aoyama in the film, while Rinka Kumada Marry me!, Seishun Cinderella, right) plays Kaede Kagaya. (The photo above recreates the cover of the first volume of the manga.)

Riku Hagiwara (left in the image above) plays the perfect student and hard worker Iori Hasumi, while Nana Asakawa (right) plays the enthusiastic and romantic designer Mio Kotomori.

The film will open on May 12, 2023. Hiroto Takahashi is directing the film, from a script by Erika Yoshida.

Nakahara (Love*Com, Give me na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai) launched the otonanajimi sleeve in Shueisha‘s cocohaná magazine in March 2019, and ended it in October 2021. The manga’s eighth and final compiled book volume shipped in December 2021.

Nakahara launched the Give me na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai sleeve in Shueisha‘s you monthly magazine in April 2013, and term in August 2016. Shueisha published 10 compiled book volumes for the manga. nakahara thrown out the Give me na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai R. sequel manga in you monthly in October 2016, and ended the series in its sixth volume, which shipped in November 2018. The manga inspired a live-action television series adaptation in January 2016.

media display published the one from Nakahara Love*Com all 17 volumes of the manga in North America, and Viz Pictures released the live-action film adaptation of the manga on DVD. Discotek Media launched the 2007 television anime series adaptation in North America in July 2013. Nakahara also launched the Okami to Suzu (The Wolf and the Bell) manga in cocohaná in November 2021.

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