Libra: Your May horoscope says that Mercury retrograde is revealing secrets and secrets

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His Libra’s horoscope for May 2023 it’s full of depth, intensity, and plenty of powerful swings. But all’s well, that ends well, and luckily, things end on an uplifting note!

It’s Taurus season, so you’ll start the month with the sun shining directly into your dark and secret eighth house. With Mercury also retrograde Here through May 14, you may find that long-buried secrets are finally being acknowledged and grudges begging to be released. Stop being evasive and get those skeletons out of the closet! Maybe it will be easier after the weather. the lunar eclipse on May 5, which brings you face to face with your personal value system. This chaotic lunation could bring about a sudden change of heart or a change in your resources. Staying true to yourself and remembering your worth is key, especially when things feel shaky and unpredictable.

A couple of days later, romantic Venus, your ruling planet— enter your career sector, sweetening your public image and bringing harmony to your labor relations. With Mars motivating here for the next couple of weeks as well, this is a terrific time to pursue career goals and maybe even set yourself up for a promotion. Your Libra charms are on display!

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All the deep feelings you have been dealing with this month will peak in mid-May, so be prepared to dive below the surface of your relationships, desires, and emotions. Expansive Jupiter plunges into your transformational 8th House on May 16, kicking off a year-long exploration of your dark side. He new moon in taurus May 19 is the perfect time to be real with yourself and turn a new leaf of honesty with yourself. Your heart yearns for the pure, unfiltered truth, and the new moon will help you connect with that in a more authentic way.

Wow, that’s heavy stuff, but once the sun enters Gemini’s companion air sign, it’s officially time to get out of your head and start being your racy, social self! The fun and flirty vibes of Gemini season inspire you to say yes to adventure, take risks and expand your horizons, Libra, so shake off the emotional heaviness of the past few weeks by seeking out new experiences and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. comfort. Steer with curiosity and get excited about everything to come!

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