Liam Harrison shows perfect technique in a leg sweep against icon Saenchai

Muay Thai superstar Liam Harrison demonstrated how to pull off the famous leg sweep he used against Thai icon Saenchai.

Harrison passed on his knowledge by posting an instructional video showing how he lands the perfect left teep to further throw an opponent off balance.

Through a simple step-by-step process, he demonstrated how he executes the technique in real time, which remains an effective tool in professional competitions.

Watch the reel below:

Liam Harrison is longing to return to ONE Championship following a nasty knee injury sustained in his world title fight against then ONE Muay Thai Bantamweight World Champion Nong-O Hama. He suffered a complete tear in his ACL, putting him out of action for the next 6-10 months.

Currently, he is back on your feet, taking it easy but mindful not to put too much stress on her knee at the same time. His constant posts on Instagram have kept fans in the loop ever since it happened, and as a result, have become a major source of motivation for his progress.

Returning to the ONE Championship, he hopes to climb the ranks again with another fight before taking on former rival Nong-O in a potential rematch.

Last August, he was unable to show his skills due to an injury early in the first round, so he is determined to have a second chance with the former world bantamweight muay thai champion.

With Jonathan Haggerty as the new king of the division, there’s a chance Liam Harrison will go after him, or perhaps against one of the fastest rising stars in the division, Felipe Lobo. But who knows what the next few months will be like for the ‘Hitman’ or even the stacked 145-pound division.


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