Leo: your horoscope for May predicts a career rise, as long as you keep up the good work

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His Leo’s horoscope for May 2023 it’s equal parts emotionally intense and satisfyingly energizing, but for a cosmic lion like you, taking care of business won’t be a problem, and you know it.

Your professional life takes center stage in May, since both the sun and retrograde mercury they are hitting their 10th career home. The month begins with a magnificent moment of clarity on May 1, when these two planets form a lively conjunction in Taurus. But due to Mercury’s current retrograde state, it can seem like your hawk-eyed career path has become a blur and motivation has fizzled out. Channel the foundational energy of Taurus season by taking it easy, at least until the Mercury seasons head on May 14. This is a time to review your public-facing goals and clarify the paths you’d like to pursue.

He lunar eclipse in scorpio May 5 divides your attention between work and home, so be prepared to take time out of the office to focus on family or domestic issues that can surface without warning. Sudden professional surprises could also have a big impact on your private life now, so listen to your heart as you weigh your options and trust that the eclipse twists and turns are for the best.

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Once Mercury Retrograde ends in the middle of the month, you’ll finally start to make real progress and gain momentum on any work issues that have stalled. On May 16, expansive planet Jupiter will join Mercury and the sun in your career sector, kicking off a brilliant year-long career cycle of growth, opportunity, and abundance. Own your power, Leo! Under the new moon in taurus On May 19, you can use your newfound momentum and post-retrograde clarity to set some intentions related to your work. Your public image is glowing, and this new moon provides fertile ground for planting the seeds of new endeavors.

We expect a massive power surge on May 20 as Entrepreneurial Mars enters your sign. Your confidence is on fire and you are ready to conquer every last goal on your vision board. Just make sure you don’t get burned, as Mars will take on it too. with the ruthless Pluto, making you feel especially ruthless and competitive. Channel this ambitious energy strategically instead of acting rashly.

Fortunately, the joyous season of Gemini begins the next day, calling you to take a break from your busy work schedule (and plans for world domination) to start fostering more community in your life. He can blow off some steam by connecting with friends or attending some fun local events. Spring is here, Leo, and your social life should reflect that!

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