Lagos Guber: APC calls on security agencies to hold LP Rhodes-Vivour accountable for any acts of violence

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos state has called on security agencies to hold Labor Party (LP) gubernatorial candidate Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour accountable in the event of any outburst of the law and the order in reaction to the Governorate on Saturday and the Houses of State. of state Assembly elections.

Addressing reporters after casting his ballot at his 045 voting unit in Anifowoshe, Ikeja, on Saturday, Rhodes-Vivour alleged voter suppression, voter intimidation at places like Kosofte, VGC, Ikate, Ojo, Computer Village .

APC asked the LP candidate to stop playing the victim, adding that it is compiling reports on how APC supporters were harassed and attacked.

The party also accused the LP candidate of threatening to set fire to Lagos, adding that he loves violence and warmongering.

“The attention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been drawn to a statement made by Labor Party (LP) gubernatorial candidate Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour on today’s election.
He accuses the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the police of “provoking the Lagosians” and warns that “if Lagos catches fire tonight, it is not our fault.” He says that “many places are still being attacked by APC thugs and hooligans.”
“This alarmism is typical of sore losers who lack sportsmanship.

“Security agencies should take into account Mr. Rhodes-Vivour’s threat to set fire to Lagos, as Nigerians are well aware of his penchant for violence and warmongering. If there were to be a breach of law and order anywhere in our state, law enforcement agencies should know who to catch: Mr. Rhodes-Vivour.

“We are compiling reports of how APC supporters were harassed and attacked today. Some of the reports are really scary.

“Now the LP candidate is playing the victim. This old trick won’t work; Shrewd Lagosians know that they are all lies spread to attract sympathy. Our party has no need to be violent because we are confident in the shining credentials of our candidate Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, who will never be associated with violence,” a statement by APC spokesman in Lagos, Seye Oladejo, reads in part.

The party advised LP and its candidate to “embrace peace instead of threatening to bring everyone’s roof down. It will not work.

Meanwhile, Saturday’s Governor and State Assembly House elections in the state were characterized by massive low voter turnout, voter intimidation and voter suppression.

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