King Charles coronation guest list: which royals will and won’t attend

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It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the people in Guest list for the coronation of King Charles it will surely be a who’s who of royalty and celebrities.

Moments after the the death of the queen On September 8, 2022, Charles was proclaimed king of great britain and Head of State. Because the British Monarchy is a constitutional monarchy, the Sovereign is the Head of State, but the ability to make and pass laws rests with an elected Parliament. On September 10, 2022, the secretary of the Privy Council declared “Charles III, by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its other kingdoms and territories, King, head of the community, defender of the faith, to whom we acknowledge all faith and obedience with humble affection, supplicating god by whom kings and queens reign to bless his majesty with long and happy years to reign over us. God save the king.”

Historically, the coronation was considered a sacred ceremony between a monarch and his people in the presence of God, but Carlos will end the tradition and invite his counterparts from around the world. said a source Sunday’s mail: “I think the rule started because a Coronation is meant to be a private event of a monarch with God. At the Queen’s Coronation, there were no crowned monarchs, only the rulers of the protectorate such as the Queen of Tonga. It’s been a tradition for centuries.” With that in mind, here’s who’s in attendance.

Here is a list of those confirmed and rumored to attend King Charles’ coronation.

prince harry

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

Prince Harry Meghan Markle. fake images

Prince Harry will attend, but his wife, Meghan Markle, will not. According to a source cited in us weekly, Charles was “sad” that his daughter-in-law would not be there. “Charles is sad that Meghan won’t be attending. Charles was hoping the coronation would be an opportunity to better connect and keep the healing between them,” a source said, “but he’s excited. [Prince] Harry will be there.

Buckingham Palace confirmed on Wednesday April 12, 2023 that the Duke of Sussex will attend the ceremony at London’s Westminster Abbey on May 6. “Buckingham Palace is pleased to confirm that the Duke of Sussex will attend the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey on the 6th.he Can. The Duchess of Sussex will remain in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet,” they said in the statement, with reports later emerging that Meghan would celebrate Archie’s fourth birthday on the same day.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William, Kate Middleton

Image: Getty Images

As direct successors to the throne, the Prince and Princess of Wales William and Kate will attend the coronation, as well as their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, barring an unexpected medical emergency.

The King and Queen gave very special roles, including one to their grandson, George. “Throughout the Coronation Service on May 6, his Majesties will each be attended by four Pages of Honor. The Pages will be part of the procession through the Nave of Westminster Abbey”, Buckingham Palace Announced. “The King’s Pages of Honor will be His Royal Highness Prince George of Wales, Lord Oliver Cholmondeley, Master Nicholas Barclay and Master Ralph Tollemache. The Queen Consort’s Pages of Honor will be Her Majesty’s grandsons, Master Gus and Master Louis Lopes and Master Freddy Parker Bowles, and Her Majesty’s great-nephew, Master Arthur Elliot. Here’s everyone we know who will be attending the momentous occasion. Details about the involvement of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have not been confirmed.

Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward

King Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Prince Edward.

From left: King Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Prince Edward. Photo by Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

Charles’ siblings Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward are likely to attend. Anne’s husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, and Edward’s wife, Duchess Sophie, as well as their respective children, are also expected to be at the coronation.

Princess Beatrix and Eugenia

Princess Eugenie Princess Beatrice King Charles Coronation Guest List: Which Royals Will and Won't?

From L: Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice. WENN/Newscom/The Mega Agency.

Andrew’s daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie will likely be at their father’s side, however Charles “didn’t invite” Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson for us weekly.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden

Joe BidenJill Biden

Joe Biden, Jill Biden. fake images

The White House announced in April 2023 that President Joe Biden would not be present, but congratulated Charles on his achievement. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will attend in her husband’s place.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry. Image: Getty Images

In a statement dated April 14, 2023, pop star Katy Perry announced: “I’m excited to perform at the Coronation Concert and help shed more light on the British Asian Trust’s Children’s Protection Fund, whose work includes initiatives on the ground. to fundraising, with the aim of finding solutions to child trafficking”.

lionel richie

lionel richie

Lionel Richie. Image: Getty

“All Night Long” singer Lionel Richie said in a statement: “Sharing the stage with the other artists at The Coronation Concert is a once-in-a-lifetime event and will be an honor and a celebration.” Andrea Bocelli and the iconic British pop group Take That will also perform.

sandra oh

sandra oh

Sandra Oh. Image: Getty

Sandra Oh is reportedly rumored to be on the guest list for Charles’s coronation. He killing eve star received Canada’s second highest civilian honour, the Order of Canada, and attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in 2022.

David and Victoria Beckham

victoria beckham david beckham

Image: Getty Images

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but rumors are swirling that David and Victoria Beckham, aka “Posh and Becks,” will attend the coronation. They were at Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018, after all.

Zara and Mike Tindall

ZaraMike Tindall

Mike and Zara Tindall. Image: Getty

As the daughter of Princess Anne, Zara Tindall and her husband Mike Tindall are expected to attend the event.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene, Prince Albert

Princess Charlene, Prince Albert. Image: Getty

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco “will definitely go” to the coronation, according to page six. “I am sure it will be an incredible and very emotional ceremony”, Albert told the people in January. “We have kept in touch since his Majesty became king, but I have not spoken to him personally since. [Queen Elizabeth II]the burial.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Maria. Image: Getty

The beloved royal couple will represent Denmark.

The Swedish royal and her eldest daughter, heir to the throne, confirmed their attendance on April 11, 2023, in a statement issued to Twitter.

How many people will be at the coronation of King Charles?

On April 8, it was announced that more than 1,250 volunteers and youth had been invited to attend the ceremony itself or be a part of one of the events surrounding it. The number is significantly less than at Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation when more than 8,000 people watched her take the crown in 1953. People not guaranteed a place at the coronation include members of Parliament and peers. sources said The Telegraph that the people invited will be representatives of different religions and community groups. Buckingham Palace also revealed that 450 “COVID heroes” had been invited to attend the service in person at Westminster Abbey.

Commonwealth leaders and diversity of faiths will take precedence among the congregation. The king is also said to have expressed a wish for it to reflect the ethnic diversity of modern Britain. Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Mather told the Daily Mail the reasoning behind the new invitations: “There are around 700 mates, well, they won’t all be there,” he said. “The same with the deputies: they will not all be there because they are not being crowned. He is being crowned by the people”.

Invitations were sent to the coronation of King Charles and were designed by heraldic artist and manuscript illuminator Andrew Jamieson. The invitations released by Buckingham Palace include a floral pattern and the text reads: “The Coronation of His Majesties King Charles III and queen camilla”, announces the letter. “By order of the King, the Count Mariscal is instructed to invite [name] be present at Westminster Abbey Church on May 6, 2023.” The decorations feature “an ancient figure from British folklore, a symbol of spring and rebirth, to celebrate the new reign,” the palace said. It also includes two birds perched on the letter C, which is flanked by the Charles and Camilla coats of arms. The Queen Consort’s crest was updated to reflect her bestowal as a Royal Dame of the Order of the Garter last summer, courtiers said.

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