Kim Kardashian says she dyed her shapewear with coffee and tea bags before founding SKIMS

  • Kim Kardashian spoke at the Time 100 Summit on Tuesday.
  • She talked about the founding of SKIMS, saying the brand was inspired by her lackluster experiences with shapewear.
  • Kardashian said she used to dye her shapewear with tea or coffee to match her skin.

Kim Kardashian shared the home hack she used for shapewear before founding SKIMS.

On Tuesday, Kardashian appeared at the TIME 100 Summit to speak with CNN’s Poppy Harlow about her career.

in its 22 minute conversationthe couple discussed how Kardashian’s parents influenced her, her approach to business, and her work in the legal field.

They also discussed WASTE, Kardashian shapewear and clothing line. Kardashian gave Harlow an idea of ​​why he wanted to enter the shapewear market when the company was founded in 2019.

“I was filling the void for something that didn’t exist on the market,” Kardashian told Harlow.

“For me, I was just looking for a solution to the fact that I love wearing shapewear and there wasn’t one shade of color that would match my skin tone, let alone most of my friends,” she continued.

Kardashian said she could only find shapewear in a pale tan or black, neither of which matched her skin.

She said she was so frustrated with the lack of options that she dyed her shapewear at home to match her skin tone.

“I would take coffee and tea sachets and put them in the sink or in the bathtub and put my girdle in there,” Kardashian told Harlow.

“And I would cut them all off,” she added, since they were never the right length for what she needed to wear. “The cuts weren’t right.”


SKIMS launched in September 2019.

Vanessa Beecroft

Today, SKIMS offers girdles in varying lengths and single-leg options, so it’s clear that Kardashian’s own experiences influenced the company’s final designs. The brand also offers shapewear in 11 different colors.

As of 2022, SKIMS was worth $3.2 billion, as CNBC reported.

In her chat with Harlow, Kardashian said that she recently found her DIY girdle, which made her laugh.

“It was a lot of fun to look back and see what he would try to do,” he said.

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