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kim kardashian received a restraining order Monday against a man who claimed he had been communicating telepathically with the star, according to new court documents.

Kardashian’s legal team claimed that Andre Persaud, who has been trying to contact Kardashian for several months, allegedly tried to break into Kardashian’s home on three separate occasions in August. He allegedly also tried to break into his hotel room during a recent trip to New York.

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In the legal filing, Kardashian, 42, claimed that she never met or spoke to Persaud.

“(Persaud) claimed that I had been communicating with him telepathically,” Kardashian wrote in court documents. She claimed that he “has also expressed growing frustration that I have not responded to him.”

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Persaud’s claim of telepathic communication with Kardashian was made on social media, the legal filing states.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Adrian Gidaya Roxas approved the restraining order against Persaud, which will last for five years. It prohibits Persaud from attempting to directly or indirectly contact Kardashian. He must stay at least 100 yards (more than 91 meters) from Kardashian at all times.

According to court documents, Kardashian was concerned that the situation could “escalate into physical violence” without a protective restraining order. Persaud had previously claimed that own a firearmas reported by This day.

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As part of the restraining order, Persaud must turn over any weapons to the police. He is prohibited from owning or purchasing a firearm.

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Kardashian has not publicly commented on Persaud or the restraining order.

Last month, Kardashian settled another court case between her and her ex-husband Kanye West (who legally changed his name to Ye). The couple reached a divorce agreement and will have joint custody of their four children.

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