Keke Palmer denies trolls who criticized her appearance without makeup: “It’s crazy to say that someone is ugly, but especially me”

  • Keke Palmer told trolls who criticized her no-makeup look that she’s “beautiful in real life.”
  • The star hit back at critics who criticized her for not wearing makeup.
  • “I mean it really is crazy to say someone is ugly but especially me,” Palmer tweeted Tuesday.

Keke Palmer told trolls they had a say about a recent no-makeup appearance that she’s “beautiful in real life.”

“I mean it really is crazy to say someone is ugly, but especially me,” the “Nope” star, who hosted “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday, joked on Twitter on Tuesday.

“I just saw some comments from people saying I was ugly because I wasn’t wearing makeup,” Palmer explained. “And I really want them to get the help they need because makeup isn’t real. I’m beautiful in real life, for who I am, not for what I look like.”

Palmer revealed during her “SNL” monologue that she is pregnant after rumors surfaced online predicting her unborn child.

“I wish I could bottle how I feel about myself and sell it,” Palmer confidently shared on Twitter. “Because some people take comments seriously and these people just say anything.”

It was unclear what look Palmer was referring to in her tweets, but the star is no stranger to sharing her natural face. including a makeup-free selfie she posted to her Instagram in 2020.

Online Personality Def Noodles shared a screenshot of the tweets and attached a makeup-free selfie of Palmer and her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, who appeared to be at a football game and was wearing New York Jets jerseys.

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