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(NewsNation) — A judge on Thursday sentenced for process of “indirect criminal contempt” for St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner after she failed to appear at a scheduled contempt of court hearing.

The “indirect contempt of court” hearing is set for May 30 at 9:30 am.

According to Judge Michael Noble, Gardner failed to attend two contempt of court hearings. He has also requested the presence of his deputy Chris Desilets.

Noble said Gardner’s office appears to be a “rudderless ship of chaos” and that she has shown “total indifference and conscious disregard for the judicial process.” She urged Gardner to come to her courtroom to “show reasons” why she should not be held in contempt.

Noble’s comments come after Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a case aiming to oust Gardner after she refused to resign. Bailey claims that Gardner has neglected the duties of her office and that nearly 12,000 cases were dismissed because he failed to handle them properly.

Gardner and his supporters deny any negligence and have called for Bailey’s case to be dismissed.

It is unclear what will happen next if Gardner does not attend the “contempt of court” hearing in May.

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