John Mulaney lived in Jimmy Kimmel’s rooming house when he was “between lives” after rehab. Kimmel joked that “it was like we adopted a child.”

  • John Mulaney lived in Jimmy Kimmel’s guest house for weeks after a two-month stint in rehab.
  • Kimmel joked that while Mulaney lived there, it was as if he and his wife had “adopted a child.”
  • Mulaney said the accommodations were “not bad” and included a Peloton bike and espresso machine.

After a two-month stint in rehab between late 2020 and early 2021, John Mulaney stayed at Jimmy Kimmel’s guest house for weeks, which Kimmel said felt like he and his wife had “adopted a child.” “.

In a conversation on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on TuesdayKimmel told Mulaney that he was “curious” about how the comedian ended up staying at his house.

“Did you feel like you couldn’t trust any of your other friends at that time?” asked Kimmel, apparently referring to the “12 comedians” who Mulaney said staged a surprise intervention that led him to enter rehab.

Mulaney said no, she still trusted her friends, but admitted she finally accepted Kimmel’s offers over years of staying at her “always-open” guest house, which Mulaney said Kimmel often offers to her guests at the dinner.

“Most people have houses, so they take that and say, ‘Oh, Jimmy, you’re a mensch,'” Mulaney said. “I must have filed it away, so I was in rehab, then I was in a sober living situation, and then I was coming to LA, and I called you and said, ‘Hey, I’m between lives. You’ve always mentioned this guest house. ..'”

Mulaney continued, “I was thinking, ‘I’m going to call his bluff. He’s said that enough times. So I lived in his rooming house for a few weeks and then weeks.”

“It was like we adopted a child,” Kimmel joked.

Mulaney said he was “treated very well” while living with Kimmel. He joked that he “never saw” the late-night host, but “woke up and there was like a basket of bagels.”

“He was like my sugar daddy,” Mulaney quipped of Kimmel, adding that their house came complete with a “restaurant-quality espresso machine.”

Kimmel recalled that Mulaney asked to use her gym while staying at the guest house, something Kimmel said she rarely uses.

Mulaney said he still smoked a lot of cigarettes and was very out of shape, but used Kimmel’s Peloton and even had to put on his wife’s cycling shoes to use the stationary bike.

But he said he would “start a Peloton workout and run out of breath so quickly” that he would stop them after only a minute or so.

Because Kimmel could hypothetically see saved workouts on the bike, Mulaney said he would keep the workouts playing while he sat on the floor in front of his phone so Kimmel and his wife wouldn’t see that he did a “20-minute workout, salvaged after three minutes.”

“You’re assuming I ever actually got on the Peloton, which I didn’t,” Kimmel quipped.

Mulaney later said that he also used Kimmel’s training mirror, where he viewed Kimmel’s “short” saved previous workouts.

Staying at Kimmel’s for an extended period, Mulaney said the accommodation was “not bad”.

“If you’re thinking about not having a home, it’s great there,” he said.

Mulaney’s new Netflix comedy special, in which he opens up about his drug addiction and time in rehab, premiered Tuesday.

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