Jisoo confirms the release date and time of Flower, her new single

Jisoo has finally confirmed the release date and time for her new song, Flower from her upcoming album as she makes her solo debut.

BLACKPINK fans can finally rejoice as Jisoo is set to drop her solo album, Me. The singer has been working hard on the album for a long time.

Now, we have confirmed the date and time that fans can expect to hear Jisoo’s new song.

Release date and time of Jisoo’s song Flower

Jisoo’s new song Flower will be released on March 31 at 12 a.m. EDT and 1 p.m. KST.

The singer teased the new music by sharing a cover photo of her upcoming music.

K-Pop fans were first informed about the singer’s solo debut a couple of weeks ago when Jisoo and YG Entertainment released a teaser with a caption that read, “coming soon.”

A look at the teasers so far

In the first preview of Flower, Jisoo is seen lying down surrounded by a red sheet. It’s quite similar to the one shared when the singer first confirmed her solo album.

It is not clear what the meaning behind “red” is. However, fans have come up with different theories trying to figure out the idea behind the photo.

Some believe it is to denote her transition in the music industry, while others speculate that the song could be hinting at her growth, i.e. her journey from being a trainee to being a successful singer.

As of now, Jisoo hasn’t commented on this until now.

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What else has he been up to?

In addition to working on her new album, Jisoo surprised her fans last month by opening her own YouTube channel.

It was quick to gain millions of followers in a couple of hours. Through his channel, Jisoo takes fans on behind-the-scenes fun as they travel to different places with the help of his Vlog.

So far, Jisoo has only uploaded 7 Vlogs that show her traveling to different places like London, Amsterdam, and more.

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