Ixion, a new strategy sim, gets a deep discount on launch day

This is the scenario: you are a million miles from Earth, piloting a ship through the infinite emptiness of space while the future of humanity rests in your hands. Sounds good? Then you’ll want to see how well you’d do as a manager of the Tiqqun space station in Ixion, which launches today for PC at a 25% discount. To sweeten the deal, enter a GameSpot exclusive promo code IXION5 at checkout on Fanatical to remove an additional 5%. you will end up receiving the new strategy game for only $24.93, below its retail price of $35.

If you purchase Ixion from Fanatical, you will receive a Steam key instantly. Considering that the game is only 10% off on Steam right now, you should definitely go for the Steam key from Fanatical. Ixion was developed by Bulwark Studios, the studio behind Warhammer 40,000: Meechanicus.

With December winding down and the biggest releases of the year behind us, Ixion could be the perfect game to end the year. It’s a more meditative mix of city-building, survival, and exploration gameplay elements, but also an experience where you’ll have to think on your feet and make tough decisions if you want to ensure the continuation of the human race.

You’ll need to focus on maintaining hull integrity, bringing new resources to your passengers, and managing power consumption as you navigate the cosmos. Do your job well, and you’ll convince those you report that you and the corporation in charge have their best interests in mind. If you’re wrong, you’ll face rebels, mutinies, and other dangers across the stars before reaching your final destination.

If you’re looking for other great deals to wind down in December, you won’t have to look far. Also available on Fanatical, Horizon Zero Dawn has been discounted at its lowest price yet and there is also the Festive promotion packagea week-long event that focuses entirely on Steam game packs.

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