Israel Adesanya Receives Positive News About Brass Knuckles Case

Israel Adesanya has had an eventful few weeks. He was detained at New York’s JFK airport after losing his middleweight belt to Alex Pereira. The news of his arrest shocked the world of the UFC, especially since he was arrested for passing brass knuckles through the TSA.

Adesanya was subsequently taken over by the New York Port Authority. Eventually, they let him go and gave him an appearance ticket at the desk. Overall it was a pretty embarrassing arrest, however Adesanya’s manager claimed it was all a huge misunderstanding.

“Israel was given a gift by a fan, which he put in his luggage,” said Tim Simpson. “When he was singled out at the airport, Israel promptly disposed of the item and cooperated with authorities.”

Recently, it was reported that Adesanya won a big victory in his case. Basically, the UFC superstar was given a reprieve in contemplation of firing. This simply means that if Adesanya goes six months without getting into trouble, her entire case will be dismissed.

Obviously, this is a big win for Adesanya, who committed a fairly minor offence. Considering there was no indication that he was doing anything out of character while he was being arrested, it’s clear that this was all just one big mistake that won’t happen again.

With that being said, hopefully we get to see Izzy fighting for his title again, soon.

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