Is it more difficult to work with Generation Z than with older adults? –

(NewsNation) – According to a recent survey74% of managers find it difficult to work with Gen Z employees, and 46% say firing them is more common than with previous generations.

According to the ResumeBuilder survey20% of Gen Z employees have been laid off within the first week of their start date.

New York Post writer Jesse O’Neill reported on the challenges managers face when working with the newest generation of adults, the Gen Z group born in 1997 or later.

When asked if Generation Z is different from other generations, O’Neill responded that the formative experiences of growing up with social media and cancel culture have had a significant impact.

“Yes, actually we are,” O’Neill said. “Because we’ve had very different formative experiences, growing up with social media where the culture of canceling prevailed, so we’re bringing our politics and opinions to the workplace.”

Additionally, the pandemic has meant that Generation Z has not had the same opportunities to learn about office culture as previous generations.

“We never really learned office etiquette the way other generations had before it,” O’Neill said.

O’Neill also noted that the response to activist young employees has been poor, citing examples such as streaming services removing controversial content and publishers canceling book deals.

“I’m not surprised that a lot of managers report that we’re pretty insubordinate and a little big and in charge despite being the youngest kid on the block,” O’Neill said.

However, there is hope that the backlash against this trend will continue.

While some managers have reported having no problem with Gen Z employees, many have noticed a marked difference in the way they act in the workplace, with some quitting and others being fired at an unprecedented rate.

O’Neill believes that as Gen Z adults mature and gain more experience in the workplace, things can improve.

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