Indiana police launch desperate search for missing teen believed to be in ‘extreme danger’ – NewsFinale

A statewide Indiana Silver Alert has been issued for a missing 14-year-old girl whose family says she may be with an 18-year-old man and in “extreme danger.”

Emily Barger, 14, was last seen around 1 a.m. in Georgetown, Indiana on Monday, March 6.

Georgetown, Indiana, is about a 20-minute drive from Louisville, Kentucky.

On Tuesday, Barger’s father, Shawn Barger, took to social media to ask for help locating his daughter.

Said she may be in a ‘greater [possibly] Chevy pickup truck with a loud exhaust and rusty bodywork.

On her Facebook page, she wrote: “Emily Barger if you can see this in any way please come home you’re not in trouble and I love and miss you so much.”

Emily Barger, 14, was last seen early Monday morning in Georgetown, Indiana, about 20 minutes from Louisville, Kentucky.

A recent photo of Emily posted by her family on Facebook. She was last seen on March 6.

A statewide Silver Alert was issued Tuesday, March 7, and the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department is asking for the public’s help in finding the missing teen.

State police issued a statement outlining the girl’s physical characteristics to make it easier to locate her.

Barger is white, blonde, has blue eyes, is five feet tall and weighs 85 pounds. It is unknown what she was wearing at the time of her disappearance.

Silver Alerts are generally issued to adults with known cognitive or developmental disabilities. They are issued more commonly than Amber Alerts for missing persons.

Georgetown, Indiana, is about a 20-minute drive from Louisville, Kentucky.

Posts from Barger’s father and extended family allege that Barger is with a male partner.

Her father begs her daughter to get in touch.

“You have a lot of family and friends looking for you and wanting to take you home, please go to a gas station anywhere and tell them you need to go home, call the police or me or anyone, please go home, they will help you.” love”.

Emily’s father, Shawn Berger, posted on Facebook about his daughter’s disappearance and urged anyone who may have information to get in touch.

A silver alert has been issued in Indiana for Barger: Amber alerts connote kidnapping, although silver alerts are much more common in missing persons cases.

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