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Shrines are an important part of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, as they help Link understand and practice his abilities, gain Light from blessings, etc. However, they work like puzzles, so it may not be immediately obvious what you need to do to complete a Shrine, especially later in the game. If you need help finding the In-Isa Shrine location and how to complete the In-Isa Shrine puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom, we have a detailed guide for you!

Location of the In-Isa Shrine

The In-Isa Shrine is located southwest of the Temple of Time on Great Sky Island, which you’ll find marked on the map below. Outside a Shrine, you will see a circular green symbol with a handprint in the center, which you can approach and Link can touch with his hand to activate and reveal a circular blue symbol on the nearby ground to mark the Shrine. . You will then be able to go through a glowing green door into the Sanctuary. The In-Isa Shrine is described as “The ability to combine.”

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In-Isa Shrine Walkthrough – All Puzzle Solutions

There are three rooms in the In-Isa Shrine that you’ll need to fight your way through using Link’s Fuse ability, which is described as “attaching something to an equipped weapon or shield to enhance it” and “you can undo the fusion, but that will destroy what whatever has adhered.” To use the Merge ability, you’ll need to hold L to open up your abilities, then use R to select the ability.

Image of Tears of the Kingdom in the Sanctuary of Isa
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In-Isa Shrine Puzzle #1 – Solution

To complete the first In-Isa Shrine puzzle, you will need to pick up the sword from the ground (“Rusty Claymore”). You will learn that you can throw any weapon by holding the R button and then releasing it to throw.

You will then go up a short flight of stairs directly in front of the sword and look for a large gray rock. You will need to hold L and then select Fuse with the R button. It will make the rock glow and allow you to fuse it with your weapon by pressing Y. You will then pick up that weapon and swing it towards the rock wall that is preventing you from reaching the next room.

In-Isa Shrine Puzzle #2 – Solution

First, you’ll want to grab the treasure chest by breaking a stone pillar in the left corner of the second room (right after you enter it) using your rock sword fused weapon. Then, you will enter the second room and turn right into a room with small trees with glowing fruits (Fire Fruit, which you obviously have to collect!).

At the edge of the room, you will find a bow and 5x arrows. You will need to fuse your arrows with the bow by choosing the bow using ZR to ready the bow, keep the bow drawn and press and hold the up arrow on the D-pad and use the stick to move left and right to reach to the item you want, then press R to select which item you want to fuse with your arrow before releasing your bow.

You will want to fuse a fire fruit with your arrow and then shoot it into the treasure chest high on the wall. This will ignite it and cause the chest to fall to the ground, where you can reach it.

Inside the chest, you will be able to retrieve a small key that will open a door within a Shrine of Light. You will leave the room and go back to the main room, go up the stairs to a green door and you can use the small key to open it and enter the next room.

In-Isa Shrine Puzzle #3 – Solution

In the third room, you will have to fight the Captain Construct using your rock sword fused weapon or using your bow and arrows (with or without fire fruit). Once you defeat him, he will drop a build bow, which is an upgraded weapon. It will also drop a Construct I Captain’s Horn, described as a “wavy, double-edged, blade-like horn” that is “formidable when it comes to slashing” and can be attached to a weapon to “increase attack power”. .

Tears of the Kingdom at Isa Shrine 2 Image
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You can continue your way through the room until you reach the end of the Shrine, marked by the glowing circle with the hand symbol.

As you progress through The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will discover an immense number of shrines! For example, Great Sky Island contains the first four shrines you’ll encounter, and they need to be completed to understand Link’s abilities. Each Shrine works like a puzzle, in which you’ll need to figure out how to get from one room to the next before reaching the end of the Shrine, where you’ll approach the glowing green circular symbol and then receive a Blessing Light.

Example image of the Tears of the Kingdom Shrine
Shrine Symbol Example, Image via Nintendo

You can receive a Blessing Light for each Shrine you complete, and for every four Shrines completed, Link can upgrade his Hearts (up to 30 Hearts) of Stamina (up to three wheels) to level up. The game describes a Blessing Light as “a crystal that shines with a light that purges ancient evil and purifies with its radiance.”

We hope this detailed walkthrough helped you complete the In-Isa Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and gave you another Blessing Light! Take a look at more of our Tears of the Kingdom Coverage.

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